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Living After Stroke – Facts on Stroke Recovery


The numbness came first, a devoid sensation all over the body. Followed by a droopy face. “Th..”, she hesitates. “Ah..sshhh”, she says again. Words just can’t seem to be said. ... Read More »

Michael J. Fox, Robin Williams and Parkinson’s Disease


I remember reading a journal on international health about the shifting trend of diseases from the time when antibiotics weren’t a commonplace to the present when there’s cure for most ... Read More »

Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

teeth-whitening couple

Dental problems have been a concern for decades ironically most of them can be easily prevented. Daily routine of brushing, flossing and eating properly plus dental check up can be ... Read More »

GSIS Hospitalization Discounts to Members


On top of mandatory PHILHEALTH benefits, GSIS members, their dependents and pensioners can now avail of discounts from GSIS partner hospitals around the country (Philippines). Through the Government Service Insurance ... Read More »

Salt and Hot Water as Cure for Ebola Virus Infection


Myth or Fact? Can salt and hot water cure Ebola Virus infection? Text messages have been circulated a few days ago (specifically in the West African area) that hot water ... Read More »

Multani Mitti Benefits in Hindi


It is every woman’s dream to have that healthy, glowing, nourished and beautiful skin making them more confident to show up. But nowadays, skin care products are quite expensive to ... Read More »

Ebola Virus Latest News in the Philippines


Ebola Virus, one of the deadliest virus known to mankind could possibly reach the Philippines. However, as of now, Philippines is still Ebola Virus-Free, Department of Health says. In latest ... Read More »

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