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First Aid: Traveler’s Diarrhea in India


Traveler’s diarrhea are loose, watery stools that are passed 3 to 4 times (or sometimes more) in a span of 24 hours during or shortly after an individual’s trip abroad. ... Read More »

Metabolism Boosting Foods and Spices


Hard to lose weight? Stubborn excess weight that doesn’t go away even if you exercise and have a strict diet plan? Cracked heels? Lack of energy? Sugar cravings? These can ... Read More »

Essential Oils Guide: Safety and Warnings


We know that 100% essential oils are natural, but doesn’t  mean that they are safe to use by each and every one in every situation? As natural living and natural ... Read More »

Foods You Can Eat Before Bedtime


You are not the only one who sometimes right before going to bed stands in front of a fridge feeling guilty. You know from mainstream media that eating before bedtime ... Read More »

Foods High On Zinc for Your Diet

food high on zinc your diet

There are two things that got me to dig deeper into information about zinc and its place in human body: Casanova and vegan diet. Have you ever heard of legendary ... Read More »

Napping for Adults: Why, When and For How Long Time?


Infants spend most of their time sleeping. Children need long naps because growth hormone is released into the phase of deep sleep. But what about napping for adults? Do we ... Read More »

Natural Hair Care – Herbal Infusions


In 2004 the study by University of Reading found that skin tissue of women with breast cancer in most cases contains parabens. They get into our bodies through food, hair ... Read More »

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