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Health and Happiness


Happy people tend to be healthier than unhappy people. That’s not bluff. That’s backed up by Science. In this article, we will discover how happiness and negative attitude affects health. ... Read More »

Zumba Dance Workout


Exercise is always a huge component in the pursuit of health and wellness. It ranges from simple jogging to aerobics to yoga and what’s now a craze in 125 countries, ... Read More »

Filipinos on Premature Ejaculation


Talking about sex-related topics is a taboo to the traditional Filipino culture. On one perspective, the Filipino woman is highly esteemed for being reserved and modest. However, that practice of ... Read More »

The Rice to the Filipinos: On knowing and choosing your rice well


Rice has been a staple food of the Filipinos for as long as anyone can possibly remember. Being an agricultural country, endowed with vast lands and rich soil for planting ... Read More »

Deadly Ebola Virus Kills Again


On current news, deadly Ebola Virus kills 88 of the 122 confirmed cases in Guinea since January this year. The Zaire species (ZEBOV) of the virus killed 4 more out ... Read More »

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Philippines


The FDA is a government agency created for the purpose of ensuring that health products (food, drugs, cosmetics and devices) made available to the public are safe for use and ... Read More »

Green Tea and Weight Loss


There are countless teas and other herbal products that come in many trade names in the world market nowadays. All promise flat tummies and effective weight loss. Perhaps paralleled but ... Read More »

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