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Beauty Gone Bad: How Some Acne Products Can Lead to Serious Allergies


People in all walks of life regardless of age get acne. It is rather ordinary among pubescent and young adults. A rough count of 80% of all people between the ... Read More »

Importance of Oral Health Care to Overall Health

oral-health-care importance

The purpose of taking good care of the teeth is not just about having great smiles. Taking care of those pearly whites can also contribute to a person’s overall health ... Read More »

Keeping Sanity Intact: 8 Lessons About Grieving


For the past few years, Philippines’ emotional state was greatly shook by crises like the Zamboanga siege and super typhoon Yolanda. The country still continues to grieve for the lost ... Read More »

10 Myths of Weight Loss Debunked and Explained

weight loss myths explained

The Internet is home to millions of literature about what constitutes a good and effective diet for an individual that can promote weight loss. Various products like teas, supplements, and ... Read More »

Coffee Facts: A Rundown on 20 Things you ought to Know about your Cup of Joe


    There must be a reason why almost everyone’s day starts with it, why it is the beverage of choice during meetings, serious talks, when rushing deadlines or studying ... Read More »

Foods High On Zinc for Your Diet

food high on zinc your diet

There are two things that got me to dig deeper into information about zinc and its place in human body: Casanova and vegan diet. Have you ever heard of legendary ... Read More »

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