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Living After Stroke – Facts on Stroke Recovery


The numbness came first, a devoid sensation all over the body. Followed by a droopy face. “Th..”, she hesitates. “Ah..sshhh”, she says again. Words just can’t seem to be said. ... Read More »

Michael J. Fox, Robin Williams and Parkinson’s Disease


I remember reading a journal on international health about the shifting trend of diseases from the time when antibiotics weren’t a commonplace to the present when there’s cure for most ... Read More »

Donating Blood at Red Cross and Why it’s good for you


Have you ever donated blood before? If no, you should consider it. It’s good for you. I tried donating blood three times since I became aware of its many benefits. ... Read More »

7 Simple but Healthy Hobbies for You


What makes for a healthy life? In our riot modern world, one swears to the need for moments of escape from a barrage of stress-causing must-dos. Everyday, more and more ... Read More »

The Rice to the Filipinos: On knowing and choosing your rice well


Rice has been a staple food of the Filipinos for as long as anyone can possibly remember. Being an agricultural country, endowed with vast lands and rich soil for planting ... Read More »



You have probably heard of the word “toxin” hundreds of times. Because of that, you probably also know that a toxin is something harmful to all life forms especially humans. ... Read More »

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