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How to Effectively Fight Fatigue

fight-fatigue effectively

It’s a beautiful morning as you head out to your preferred activity. As you stumble through the day, your brain functions slowly, your body is aching, and the day is ... Read More »

How to Manage Premenstrual Syndrome?

premenstrual syndrome management

There’s nothing more stressful than waking up one day feeling bloated and tired with swollen or tender breasts plus experiencing either headache or backache. Adding acne breakouts, trouble sleeping and ... Read More »

Philippines Current Fight against Tuberculosis


Cough for at least two weeks, coughing with blood, fever in the afternoon, and weight loss – these are the classical manifestations of the disease called Tuberculosis (TB). The said ... Read More »

Facts About Hypertension

facts high blood pressure instrument

Many individuals don’t know they have hypertension. Oftentimes called the “silent killer,” this condition rarely causes symptoms even if it inflicts serious damage to the body. If left untreated, it ... Read More »

Agranulocytosis – What Happens When The Defense Goes Down


When the bone marrow is not able to provide adequate amount of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that responds primarily when there is infection. This condition is called ... Read More »

Fact vs Fiction: What you Really Need to know About Ebola


With the Ebola outbreak news spreading like wildfire, one needs to be able to filter facts from hearsay, real news from what the neighbors are just gossiping about. Hearing that ... Read More »

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