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New Causes of Smoking Deaths Identified


17.3 million Filipinos or roughly twenty – eight percent of the total population age 15 years and older are presently tobacco smokers. This data is according to the 2009 Global ... Read More »

Fighting Hunger – Malnutrition in the Philippines


Our world is producing an average of 3.9 billion tons of food for human consumption annually which is abundantly enough for 7.3 billion mouths waiting to be fed. But a ... Read More »

Fatal Cause of the Killer Milk Tea Still a Mystery


Summer time calls for cool beach getaways and of course cold thirst quenching beverages. Fruity smoothies, pearl shakes and milk teas seem to be a fad when it comes to ... Read More »

Caffeine and Cholesterol Enemies No More?


People nowadays are more conscious on what and how much they eat; 2,500 calories per day with a balance streak of fruits, greens and protein coupled with power juices and ... Read More »

Philippines Current Fight against Tuberculosis


Cough for at least two weeks, coughing with blood, fever in the afternoon, and weight loss – these are the classical manifestations of the disease called Tuberculosis (TB). The said ... Read More »

WHO: Ebola Vaccine Trial to Start This Year

ebola-vaccine-this-year start

With 21, 759 people infected and 8,668 of them killed by Ebola, the World Health Organization (WHO) finally announced last January 22, 2015 that West African Ebola vaccine trials will ... Read More »

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