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Zumba Dance Workout


Exercise is always a huge component in the pursuit of health and wellness. It ranges from simple jogging to aerobics to yoga and what’s now a craze in 125 countries, ... Read More »

Green Tea and Weight Loss


There are countless teas and other herbal products that come in many trade names in the world market nowadays. All promise flat tummies and effective weight loss. Perhaps paralleled but ... Read More »

Summer Health Tips 2014


Awesome azure skies. Crystal waters waiting to be splashed on. Creamy white sand bars. Quenching mango or orange drinks. Strolling barefoot in the shoreline. Long-planned vacation trips. Exotic foods fresh ... Read More »

How to commit to a Healthier You


How does one shift from decades of being a carnivore to a full-fledged herbivore – that is, as modern thinkers believe, from all meat eating to a healthier diet for ... Read More »

Best Foods for the Hardworking Student


Burning candles don’t apply to most students these days. More of ,consuming a lot of electricity with laptops, tablets and cellular phones. But despite all these advances, students before and ... Read More »

Health Tips to Prevent Ulcers of the GI Tract


Do you experience mild to moderate stomach related discomforts before or after meals? A sense of bloating? Heartburn sensation? Feeling of nausea and vomiting? Chest Pain? This symptoms might be ... Read More »

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