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Alagaw Use and Health Benefits

alagaw-use-and-benefits-in-philippines in the garden

Philippines are known to be blessed with a rich source of herbal wonders found proliferating in its thick forests and vast fields. A lot of researches have been done to ... Read More »

DOH Approved 10 Herbal Medicines in the Philippines – Preparation and Usage


One of the reasons why Filipinos fail to strictly comply with doctors’ instructions is because they can’t afford the cost of their medicines. The tendency is to not finish the ... Read More »

Effective Scabies Natural Remedies that Work


Scabies is an itchy rash that is characterized by red bumps and blisters. The condition affects different body parts although it is common on elbows, waist, feet and genital area. ... Read More »

Eating Sunflower Seeds: What Health Benefits Do We Get?


Just get a few sunflower seeds in your mouth and soon you might lose the count of how much you’ve eaten already. I bet you’ve been in this situation – ... Read More »

Jack Fruit Health Benefits


Have you heard of the biggest fruit in the world growing in trees? It’s probably one of the most amazing fruits on Earth. Beautiful, big fruit with prickly surface and ... Read More »

Metabolism Boosting Foods and Spices


Hard to lose weight? Stubborn excess weight that doesn’t go away even if you exercise and have a strict diet plan? Cracked heels? Lack of energy? Sugar cravings? These can ... Read More »

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