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Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Philippines

The FDA is a government agency created for the purpose of ensuring that health products (food, drugs, cosmetics and devices) made available to the public are safe for use and adheres to standards set by the law. They inspect,FDA Logo Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Philippines analyze, experiment, research and approve or disapprove a product as well as the method on how it is produced or even distributed. They can withdraw products that are proven to compromise the health of the public.

List of products under the jurisdiction of the regulatory agency: food, food supplements, toys, cosmetics, radiation-emitting equipment, household hazardous substances, medical devices, drugs including vaccines and blood products. So, as a consumer, if you have any questions on these things such as on the list of products approved by the FDA, you can definitely contact them.

Important information found in the FDA Philippines website

In the website, you can find pertinent information for consumers, manufacturers, distributors and other stakeholders. It contains advisories on all areas under FDA’s jurisdiction as well as issuances and memos. A specific tab containing various pages is embedded in the website specifically for consumer protection. It includes list of drugs, food products, food supplements, medical devices and household hazardous registered under FDA. It also has pages for notifications on cosmetics and urban hazardous. For faster browsing, an FAQ page is available under the industry tab. If you have pending documents in FDA, the last tab is for tracking of the status of your documents.

History of FDA

In 1963, the R.A. 3720 or Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act was passed creating the Food and Drugs Administration of the Philippines under the Department of Health“to insure safe and good quality supply of food, drug and cosmetic, and to regulate the production, sale, and traffic of the same to protect the health of the people” This was the policy of the law. The effort was initiated by then DOH Secretary Francisco Duque Sr.

In 1982, FDA was abolished and replaced by BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drugs) under E.O. No. 851.

In 1987, Executive Order 175 amended “Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act” and was given a new title “Foods, Drugs, and Devices and Cosmetics Act”.

In 1999, the Policy, Planning, and Advocacy Division was added to BFAD.

In 2009, Republic Act No. 9711 amended certain sections of Republic Act No. 3720, renamed BFAD to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and strengthened the agency’s regulatory capacity through upgrades in equipments, facilities and other resources. The same law also reorganized FDA from divisions based on authorizations to product-based centers. Now, FDA’s powers, functions and responsibilities extend even up to law enforcement similar to that of PNP and NBI.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Philippines
Address and Contact Information



+63 2 857 1990



Center for Drug Regulation and Research

Center for Food Regulation and Research +63 2 857 1992
Center for Cosmetic Regulation and Research



+63 2 857 1984

Center for Device Regulation, Radiation Health and Research +63 2 749 9443
Administration and Finance Office – Releasing +63 2 857 1941


Policy and Planning Office -Academy +63 2 857 1978


TRUNKLINE +63 2 857 1900


Address: FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Civic Drive, Filinvest Corporate City Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1781 PHILIPPINES
Email address: [email protected]

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Note for reader
We all seek health and well-being. We all want to ensure that what is made available to us in the market, what we buy and what we use are products considered safe by an agency that we can trust. But while the government is doing its part to ensure health for all Filipinos, we too as individuals must strive for health for ourselves and our families. We must reach out beyond the comforts of our usual activities for knowledge that could better our lives. Such act simple but useful include utilizing information provided for us by the government and sharing them to others as well. With advanced technology now, a few more clicks (than what we offer the usual websites we visit) can actually help deliver our health and well-being in our own hands.



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