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Dog Bite First Aid Treatment

There are a lot of dog bite cases everyday and usually the innocent children are the victim. It occurs when the dog bites for the reason that it may be threatened, harmed or disturbed by humans. Other than that, there are some stray dogs that bite dogbitewithout any applicable reason. Aside from the trauma felt by the dog bite victim, tetanus and rabies infection should be considered.

Health education about dog bite and rabies is very important. Why? Because the community people still practices a plenty of wrong beliefs of its first aid nowadays. Some of these are as follows:

According to community folks, if a person is bitten by a dog, you have to:

  • Make sure that no water touches the scratch or wound and taking a bath is contraindicated.
  • Ensure that the victim is brought immediately to a quack doctor for “tawal”.

3 Easy steps in performing “TAWAL”

Step 1- The quack doctor will utter latin words for wound healing
Step 2- The said person will get garlic and chew it using his/ her mouth
Step 3- Sprinkle the crushed garlic mixed with fresh saliva from the quack doctor’s mouth directly to the wound

It’s as easy as that! And take note, it’s very affordable. You can avail the quack doctor’s services for only 20-50 php. That’s why people in rural areas patronized the said mode of treatment.

On the other hand, it is of great advantage to you and your family if you are aware and knowledgeable of the first aid treatment for dog bite. Please follow these steps to ensure protection and freedom from tetanus and rabies infection:

  • Everybody’s safety is considered. As soon as you witness a dog bite case, secure the victim. A child for example should be kept away from the dog and let the kid stay in a safe place. If the dog has an owner, let him secure the dog. As a rescuer, you have to be alert because the dog might attack you also.
  • Assess the dog bite marks or wounds. Check the location and severity of the wound. Inspect if the dog bite is a scratch, open or lacerated wound.
  • Clean the wound thoroughly. For 10 minutes, place the damaged area of the skin in a faucet where there’s plenty of running water. Wash it with liberal amount of soap. You can apply 70% isopropyl alcohol into the wound after cleaning with soap and water.
  •  Allow the wound to air-dry. Placing tight sterile gauze directly to the wound is discouraged.
  • Visit your health center for consultation. The physician will assess and ask questions regarding the incident. He or she may prescribe antibiotic and pain reliever medication. A tetanus shot will be ordered if you haven’t got any. And anti-rabies injection is also administered.

TAKE NOTE: Not all Rural Health Unit is an animal bite treatment center. Make sure to ask where to avail anti-rabies vaccination.

  • Please follow your vaccination schedule. You have to complete the vaccination schedule in order to get full protection against rabies.

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