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Greenprescription is a community of various medical professionals located at different places worldwide, all with varying specializations and areas of practice. We are doctors, nurses, medical technicians, pharmacists, medical bloggers, and other people with expertise in the field of medicine and health. We are people who have professionally earned degrees under the huge umbrella of the medical field, here to share to you our thoughts and our knowledge that we hope you will find useful.

Greenprescription Logo 4 is a place where people, not only those inclined in the health field, can talk to one another, regarding the various issues that affect our health. The community is where people are free to speak their minds and share with one another their sense of professionalism and challenge one another on topics of either theory or clinical knowledge. The authors of do not simply write about matters pertaining to health without prompt research and critical thinking. Content written in the website is carefully written to be as precise, and as correct as possible. All information the authors write is sourced from reliable sources, as specifically stated. The authors believe that information shared to the masses has to be precise and correct and we are committed to this principle., even though written by medical professionals, is a community not limited to our field. There are topics incorporated into the website that a lay-person outside the medical field would find useful, and would understand. The content written at the website is tailored and crafted to cater to virtually anyone who would want to have information on health topics and other healthcare-related issues. writers are committed to bring to its audience content that is reliable, is researched, is up-to-date, but in terms that are simplified to better connect with people. It is our duty and passion as medical professionals and as writers to share knowledge with the world and the people we serve, to be able to contribute to a more-informed, healthier citizenry where anyone can have access to health care information.

We write for you. We do hope that you enjoy and that you are learning something. We are happy to be of service, and write, and write, and write, all in the name of health.

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