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Facts about Mental Health Disorders

In the world of psychology, you come up close about the study of behaviour, feelings and mentally related situations. It is also deals on how your whole well-being will affect the way you decide on things when you encounter difficult times in your life, and when you fail to deal with it you will have a Mental Health Disorder.

Mental Health Disorder consists of many types and groups, if a person decided to seek for counselling or visit a psychiatric this is where you will find out what mental disorder you’re having. The doctor, is the one responsible to diagnose you what kind of disorder you’re having and both of you and other health care providers are the one responsible to help each other so that you will recover from your illness. There are more than 50 types of health disorders, but through thorough classifying the symptoms and signs the major diagnosis will come up.

Common Mental Health Disorders:

anxiety-disorders woman

Anxiety Disorders – this group are the most common type of mental health disorders, this can be in a short period, long term period and worse scenario if you will not overcome the problem itself you might lead to prolonged mental hospitalization. Under this group, there are types of it. First type is the panic disorder where a person is very nervous and cannot be able to control himself because of a certain situation, one good example of this is a patient that will be having a major surgery where he experience the “fear of the unknown”. A lot of thoughts will run into his mind and can lead to shaking, increase palpitations and even sweating. Another type is Phobias, a phobia has many classifications but the common one is hydrophobia means a fear on water. The third type is Obsessive -Compulsive Disorder, this are repetitive actions which can lead to anxiety if it is not done properly a good example of this is having a ritual of repetitive hand washing. The last type is the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, when a person experiences an accident on his life and lost a family member or close friend and the only one who survived, he will have this disorder.

Mood disoder


Mood Disorders – in this group of disorder, the well-being of a person is affected about 80% of his totality.Work, eating pattern and social relationship plays a vital part on it, he will become unsociable, lose appetite and give up his job. Classifications on this disorder are major depression, bipolar and seasonal affective disorder.


man hallucinations and worse behavior


Schizophrenia Disorder – this is when the whole totality of the person is lost where he cannot think straight and detached from reality having hallucinations and worse behavior that he might hurt others with his delusions. This is the part where the person will be admitted in a mental facility for treatment.




Mental Health is being aware of your emotions on how you control it and how you deal with it and think of good coping strategy to solve your problems.

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