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The Benefits of Home-made Baby Food

baby eating food first timeWe are going to start adding solid food to my six month old daughter’s diet soon. The event is filling me up with equal measures of both excitement and trepidation. I am thrilled that my daughter has reach another memorable milestone but also worried that she may not yet be ready or worse, she may choke when I am feeding her. I am also concerned about the quality of commercially available baby food. I do not want to pump my little girl’s fragile body full of preservatives and other chemicals. On the other hand, my wife and I are worried that we may not be giving everything essential to our child if we make the baby food ourselves. Faced with this dilemma, I did some research on the subject to help me decide if I should go home-made or store brought. What I found out gave a convincing argument in favour of going home-made.

Here are the reasons on why we should decide making homemade baby foods for the little ones in our lives.

  • It is fresh and natural– commercial baby foods are processed foods that are full of additives and thickening agents. Homemade baby food is made from only the best and freshest ingredients that you personally picked.


  • It is more nutritious branded baby foods undergo a sterilization process that keeps their shelf life at 2 years. However, the heat needed for this process also inadvertently causes the loss of essential vitamins and nutrients. Home cooked baby food retains more nutritional value.


  • It offers more variety– more foods can be introduced. Parents can also mix combinations of different food groups creating new flavours and texture for baby to learn and enjoy.


  • It is more economical home made baby food cost 2 to 3 times less than store brought baby food if you buy in large quantities.


  • It is safer– all store brought products run the risk of contamination for a variety of reason. Contamination may occur before, during and even after purchase. Also, certain food may cause allergies, with home cooked baby food you can easily avoid including it to your child’s diet. You control all aspects of the food you give to your child and know that what you give is safe.


  • It makes for a great bonding experience at meal time– your baby is eating the same food as you.


  • It is easy to prepare just use a fork to mash an already steamed potato or any other vegetables and you’re ready to go. Food grinder or blender can also be used to make a puree.


  • It can be safely stored home-made food can be stored for up to three months by placing it in an airtight container and freezing.


  • It leads to a habit of healthy cooking


Even if you are not a parent we all know that every life is precious. It is our responsibility as parents, guardians and adults to ensure that the very best be given to the life that was gifted to us. Let us not waste any more time and start cooking!

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