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Bisphenol A associates with Asthma

There is a study that suggests that presence of Bisphenol A in the urine of children can suggest increase or higher chance of acquisition of asthma. I have read an article from CNN that caught my attention because I can relate to all asthmatic patients. It was stated that there is a link between Bisphenol A and asthma.Bisphenol A  products

The word Bisphenol A seems so foreign. So what is it? Actually, it is an organic chemical compound. It is used primarily to make plastics and epoxy resins. It has been commercially used since 1957 and around 3.6 million tones of BPA are used by manufacturers yearly. They are the products like baby/water bottles, sports equipments, CD’s and DVD’s, lining water wipes, food and beverages cans and the sales receipts. Just imagine how we live with these chemicals without knowing there is a possibility that we may acquire something.

The recent study was conducted by the researchers from Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health. They suggest that there is a big possibility that BPA detected in the urine samples of children will seemingly acquire problems in breathing.

They conducted a study on a group of pregnant mothers and their children had urine as their specimen. For the mothers it was during their 3rd trimester of pregnancy and their children at different intervals after they were born. The sample then was tested with BPA. It was found out that the child’s is at increase risk of suffering asthma if BPA was detected in their urine samples.

Thus, the whole relationship between BPA and asthma is a bit debatable. The chemical is present in so many products and most of those products we are exposed and utilize them almost every day.

As stated, the latest study suggests another layer of understanding about the possible health effects of BPA, but it is far from definitive. The best that this, or any other study, can offer is a possibility.

As a conclusion, we should be open to all possibilities. The advent and advancement of technology offers a wide range of knowing and understanding. For all we know that all those things that only offers possibilities maybe definitive through time and can educate and help a lot of suffering patients. All we need to do is to be keen and have time to do research and reading. Science and technology offers a lot in our health wellness as a whole. It maybe complex at times, mind churning but trust me it is all worth of your time.

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