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Research Shows Walnuts Improve Heart Health

Munich, Germany – researchers from the University of Munich Medical Center found out that a diet that has walnuts may lower the risk for cardiovascular diseases. Walnuts are proven to contain substances that effectively lower two predictors of heart disease risk: non-HDL cholesterol1 and apolipoprotein B2 (ApoB).walnuts heart

The research involved studying how walnut consumption of 43 grams everyday can affect the levels of serum cholesterol. The walnut enriched diet prove to reduce the non-HDL cholesterol1 level by about 6%,  and the apolipoprotein B2 (ApoB) by about 5%, both of which are significant reductions to the risk for cardiovascular and other related diseases.

Participants and Results

For an eight-week periods, study participants who included healthy men and women consumed walnuts in their normal diet. Walnuts are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids that are plant-based; they contain about 2.5 grams of such. Because of this, the participants were able to reduce their intake of saturated fat. Instead, their polyunsaturated fat consumption increased, and their lipid profile enhanced. In simple terms, their bad cholesterol levels decreased, leading them to reduced risks for cardiovascular diseases.

Heart Diseases and Diet

This finding of the said institute is truly beneficial for people who are at high risk of heart disease. Cardiovascular diseases cause a death ratio of 1 in every four Americans. The United States spends $108.9 billion every year to deal with coronary heart disease alone, including its treatment, management, and research. According to Dr. Klaus Parhofer, lead investigator for the study, “These diseases usually develop as a result of a number of different risk factors among which lipid factors such as non-HDL cholesterol5 and apolipoprotein B6 (ApoB) are the most important.  Our study has shown that people can benefit from supplementing their diet with walnuts, which helps reduce these risk parameters.”

Past Research

Walnuts have been proven to be powerful in enhancing heart markers long before the recent Munich study was conducted. Past research in Spain, Japan, New Zealand, China, Australia, and the United Stated claims the benefits of walnuts on heart health. Aside from the lipid profile, blood pressure is also a target of walnuts. They tend to lower blood pressure levels, reducing the instances and risks for hypertension. Inflammation and oxidative stress are the other two conditions that are possibly improved by walnut consumption. Also, endothelial function is found to be enhanced. “Diet is a key component in the fight against heart disease. Walnuts are a unique nutrient-dense package offering abundant heart health benefits that I urge my patients to consume to help protect their heart and improve their blood pressure, cholesterol and other heart health blood lipid levels, said Dr. James Beckerman, cardiologist of the Providence Heart and Vascular Institute in Portland, Oregon.

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