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10 Health Tips to Get Rid of Stubborn Pimples

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When a child reaches puberty, or the teenage years, his body starts to produce sex hormones. These hormones, which are responsible for the child’s physical development, affect the skin as well. Acne or pimples start to appear because they are influenced by androgenic or male sex hormones. Women taking contraceptive pills are also susceptible to acne formation.

Some have a heightened responsiveness to the testosterone hormone and have been noted to develop pimples.  Their sebaceous follicles become very active. The sebum, which is the oily secretion of the glands, reacts with the bacteria, Corynebacterium acnes that are normally present in the skin. Their interaction can damage the skin resulting to swelling, tenderness and pus formation. Thus, a full- blown infected pimple.

The active sebaceous gland can cause excessive shedding of the skin cell inside the follicle. These skin cells stick together with the sebum and plug the skin pores. This plug is called a comedone. Whiteheads are comedones with closed sebaceous glands or skin pores. On the other hand, blackheads are comedones with open pores. Comedones also result from constant use of strong cosmetic, lotion, sun block, cocoa butter and fatty acids present in creams and moisturizers.


  • Hot, humid environment may clog sebaceous gland opening
  • Sun exposure can cause acne eruption
  • Sunscreens can cause comedones due to their heavy cream content
  • Oily or greasy cosmetics and hair treatments can exacerbate acne
  • Certain medicines like steroids, vitamin B12, INH and iodides can trigger acne formation
  • Acute, stressful situation can cause acne flare ups
  • Too much vitamin A intake to treat acne can cause toxicity

Does your face have a blemish that is irritating to the eye? Or have you ever tried refusing to go out with your friends anymore because you think they might make fun of your face? Worry no more! Just simply follow these 10 health tips to get rid of stubborn pimples:

1. Always be gentle with your skin.
2. Do not touch, prick or squeeze your pimples. It can lead to deep or pitted scars.
3. Leave the pimples alone and allow the inflammation to subside.
4. Use only mild baby soap.
5.  Avoid using antibacterial soap or cosmetics with heavy oils like cocoa butter, or cleansers and creams with moisturizers.
6. Do not use commercially prepared astringents. They will surely clear your skin in no time but can be too strong for you. They may even cause further damage to your skin.

TAKE NOTE: You may end up with worse cosmetic problem after a few years of using them.

7. If your pimples are in the chest and back, avoid using tight clothes, constant rubbing in the area, and using strong and heavily scented shampoos and conditioner (if you have a long hair) as they may irritate sensitive skin.

8. Always drink plenty of water.
9. Eat healthy food and avoid meaty or oily foods.
10. Always get enough rest and sleep.

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