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8 Tips to Eliminate Body Odor

man with body odorHave you ever tried sitting beside a person with disturbing smell inside a public jeepney? And that same person is unaware and he keeps on raising his arm confidently.  Or have you been in a situation wherein manong driver sweats profusely and smells badly as you ride in his pedicab?  Another scene, a group of high school students passed by and uuugghhh, that unpleasant smell is present again. Well, these are some of the common scenarios every day. I will cite another example; Jay is a 21 year old male. He has something to confess which bothers him a lot. Let’s see what his concern is. “I have body odor. I can smell myself especially when it’s hot and even if I stay indoors. The smell is really very unpleasant. I’ve used different brands of soap and deodorants but none of them worked. I’m afraid my girlfriend will reject me.”  This is another personal experience in which Jay recognizes the problem and he tried something to solve it but it didn’t work. You have read different situations here but all have shared a common problem which is body odor.

Body odor most often comes from the reaction of your sweat with the bacteria that are normally found in your body. Sometimes it is the oily secretion from the sebaceous glands that causes odor formation. Most of the time, the smell comes from areas that have plenty of sebaceous glands like face, shoulders, anterior chest, and behind and around the ears. It’s so sad to know that somebody suffers from this kind of problem. Unfortunately, we are living in a tropical country and the weather can really make any person sweat at most times. Dehydration tends to concentrate body moisture.

Here are 8 Tips to Eliminate Body Odor

  1. As much as possible, keep your skin on the dry side. If it is oily, try to wash it more often.
  2. Use underarm deodorant that has a mild scent but can fight sweating. There are many available commercially prepared medicated anti-perspirants. Their active ingredient is aluminum chloride. You can also try plain tawas. This will keep your underarm dry.
  3. If you have excessive hair in the armpit, pull it out. You may rub your underarm with kalamansi as you take a shower.
  4. Practice good hygiene. Take a bath every day. Or freshen up before going to sleep.
  5. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body.
  6. Refrain from eating meat, oily and spicy foods. Spicy foods release peculiar smell in the sweat. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
  7. Get enough sleep.
  8. Wear comfortable clothes and those made from absorbent cotton materials. Silk, nylon, or other synthetic clothing materials have the tendency to smell when soaked with sweat. Avoid theses as much as possible. If necessary, bring extra change of clothing, which you can use when you perspire. Don’t allow sweat to dry in your body.

Please bear in mind that body odor can turn off almost everybody. Make sure to follow these 8 tips so that you can function properly at school or at work. Be confident!

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