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6 Weird Body Noises-Explained

The human body is nothing short of a miracle- from the tiniest cells and their functions to the heart which pumps out liters of blood everyday- the body works in ways we can never imagine.

But sometimes, it can catch you by surprise- a rumbling stomach in a silent classroom or a whistling breath- that’s not really normal; is it? Involuntary and strange sounds could actually mean something’s wrong with your body, and sometimes, they may imply nothing at all. Here we’ve explained some weird body noises that can be anything from embarrassing to downright strange. Learn more about them; read on…body noise explained 6 Weird Body Noises Explained

Buzzing/ Ringing/ Humming  of Ears: A strange buzzing/ humming sound in your ear, that went away as quickly as it arrived, is simply tinnitus- nothing major to worry about. Once in a while, the brain misinterprets electrical signals as noise, which explains this strange body noise.

However, you may need to see a doc if this ringing/ humming sound is continuous and happens only in one ear- it may be an infection or an inner ear disorder.

Growling/ Rumbling Stomach: Most of us have this crazy notion about a rumbling and growling stomach having something to do with hunger. Well, what if you’ve just had your meal a couple of hours ago? The truth is, a growling/ rumbling stomach does not always signify the need of food- sometimes its just your insides clearing itself of all the debris from your last meal, which tends to get a bit noisy sometimes- however, that’s nothing to worry about.

This strange body noise, when accompanied by pain, sometimes unbearable, which causes you to rush to the washroom, may not be so ‘safe’ after all. If that’s you, its time to get yourself to your GP- there may be an internal obstruction which may need to be fixed.

A Soft Whistle Coming through the Nose: This weird body noise may be funny and creepy at the same time, but its nothing to worry about. This usually happens when you have a stuffed nose, and the air is forced to move through a narrow space within your nose. A simple way to get over this is to blow your nose or take a steam- that should let the mucus out and help you breathe better.

However, if you notice this whistling sound right after you’ve suffered some injury around the nasal region, its time to seek medical attention- there may be a small gap within your nasal cartilage which needs to be correct by a surgery.

Popping/ Cracking Knees and Ankles: Frankly, this isn’t just for the oldies- if you’re young and active, you may still find strange cracking and popping noises coming from your ankles or knees, which are basically nothing but the fluid (nourishing fluid present between two bones to lubricate and prevent friction damage) shifts that causes the gas bubbles to pop and crack.

If this cracking and popping is accompanied by pain, swelling and tenderness in the region, it may not be just a simple weird body noise after all- visit a doc to find out if you have damaged tendons or arthritis.

Clicking/ Popping Jawbone: There’s nothing humorous about a clicking and popping jawbone, and if this weird body noise is getting onto your nerves and grabbing your attention every time you speak or laugh, relax. Even if the noise is sharp and loud, it isn’t something to get scared of- your temporomandibular joint- the hinge joint between the upper and lower jaw, may be out of alignment.

It’s time to get scared of this strange body noise when you see this one pairing up with an inability to open your mouth completely.

Habitual Snoring: Okay, this one’s a no-brainer. A good number of us probably snore a lot more often, much to the disgust of our spouses. Basically, snoring is nothing but the noise when the  soft tissue of the mouth and throat vibrate as you breathe. Studies show that obese individuals are more likely to snore; so if you’ve been rushing to the store to buy larger sizes of clothing every couple of months, its probably time to switch to healthier eating options and shed a few pounds.

For all those who’re proudly lean and still snore, saline nasal drops will do the trick! Snoring is not really a life-threatening health condition, but if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat and gasping for breath (not to mention you feel excessively sleepy during the day), you probably have sleep apnea. This is when you need to seek medical attention- ignoring sleep apnea can raise your risk of suffering from diabetes and stroke, which is definitely serious.

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