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PAE Suspects Dengue Double Threat in Areas Outside Metro Manila

A grave warning has been issued to areas that are located outside the Metro Manila as a double threat of dengue carried by two species of dengue-infected mosquitoes loom over them.

The Philippine Association of Entomologists or PAE, an organization comprising of professional entomologists, insect-hobbyists, institutions, and individuals whose common interest and passion involve the study of insects, gave this stern warning. PAE suspects dengue double threat in areas outside Metro Manila, according to their recent survey of both rural and urban areasDengue Fever PAE Suspects Dengue Double Threat in Areas Outside Metro Manila in the country.

The  infamous Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes which attacks and bites during the day is just one of the double whammy that people living in areas outside Metro Manila have  to deal with. The other threat is the more nocturnal kind called the Aedes albopictus which bites during the evening.

According to the organization, a recent study reveals the shocking fact that Aedes albopictus or the dengue-carrying mosquito during the night, is much to be feared and taken caution against.

The catch here is that the said Aedes albopictus’ living spot is in forested areas, said Dr Barbara L. Caoili, the president of PAE.

Myth buster

A lot of people have this notion that dengue-carrying mosquitoes attack only during daytime. This, by part, is true in the case of the Aedes Aegypti which makes its biting rounds during the day. The most dangerous biting hours are estimated at 6 in the morning and lasts until 8 in the morning. The same peak is also observed during 4 in the afternoon to 6 in the evening. Researchers hold that the Aedes albopictus makes its attack and spreads the dengue virus during night-time. Its peak biting hours are estimated at around 6 in the evening to 8 in the evening and at 11 in the evening to 1 early in the morning.

Since people usually believe that dengue-carriers only bite during daytime, their self defenses are being let down during the night. This act makes them, their families and their loved ones more vulnerable to contracting the virus from the mosquitoes.

They’re Among Us

As was previously mentioned, Aedes albopictus mosquitoes’ habitat are located in forests. What could have caused them to come to the metro? Experts say that the destruction of forests must have pushed the mosquitoes to leave their natural habitat and look for new places to live. Thus, they are among humans now. The sudden balloon in population density can also be regarded as another reason of dengue infestation. This is most especially so in the case of homes that are being established near or inside forested areas.

As of the moment, there are four identified types of the killer dengue virus—DENV-1, DENV-2, DENV-3, and DENV-4.

As PAE suspects dengue double threat in areas outside Metro Manila, people must also be made aware of the signs and symptoms of dengue. The list includes flu-like symptoms which points to high fever, muscle paints, joint pains and extreme headaches. Rashes may or may not appear on the infected person’s skin. Families of those with suspected dengue cases must keep an eye out for dangerous complications that the dengue virus may bring about. Signs of heart infection or liver failure must be watched out for as these are some of the most common complications that may arise from dengue infection

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