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Centenarians Habits – A Secret of Long Living

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Age related changes are inevitable. Physically and psychologically it takes place during aging process. Human as we are, we are trying to surpass the rule of creation through new invention, discoveries and other stuffs to make life a little bit astounding. If I were to ask you, would you want to live life longer? Centenarians could justify and reveal some of their secrets in living longer.

As defined, a centenarian is a person who lives to or beyond the age of 100 years. What could be their secrets so we can adapt and reflect on? Many articles and publications have been published but then this few things as readers can be more reflective and beneficial. These are the secrets that target the domain as a holistic view of a person.

Domain Secrets of a Long Life

1. Physical Domain

  • Diet – As they say you are what you eat. Only 20 percent of the centenarians were on a special diet plan, although some had become vegetarian. Most of them advised that eating less of our current type of commercialized supersized portion food consumption is the secret of living a longer a life. The bigger you are the more risk for lifestyle diseases.
  • Exercise – one centenarian uttered “Move it or lose it”. He was thinking during his year that he was ordinary by doing routine exercises as they say. Stretching, walking and jogging and other aerobic workout until he realized when he looked around and reached 90 that rarely on his age could keep up with young ones and reflected how many are actually doing it. They were only a few, a sad fact but true.

2. Social Domain

  • Positivism – Almost all of the centenarians believe a positive yet realistic attitude is critical throughout one’s life and described themselves as optimistic people. Every situation good or bad they treat it as part of life’s journey. Positivism is a state where you can handle even the tightest pressure you could imagine that would create a positive environment for you especially your people skills.
  • Loving family – as individuals we need to exist having certain roles to perform and function. We can be able to justify our self-worth in the society that we exist and family is the basic unit of it. A loving family would attribute our wholeness and can create safe environment with so much love and belongingness. Common but a main ingredient in living a longer life, happiness that comes from inside that rejuvenates outside.

3. Spiritual Domain

  • Faith  – nourishment should not only limit us in our physical aspect but also with our own spirit. Most centenarians believe that their faith had sustained them. As long as their higher being left them with a purpose then the longer they can stay.

   Centenarians shared that living to 100 is worth the effort. Living a life with so much to do could run you through different ups and down but then at the end of the road you live life to its fullest potential. Secrets that each of us should ponder and possibly inject within our own system for the rest of our lives. Easier said than done but it is never possible. Along the way the temptations is within reach but then perseverance in stepping outside the comforts of life would direct you to more lengthy and fulfilling existence and aside from personal gain it would encourage and inspire the next generation.


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