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Colon hydrotherapy – To cleanse or not to cleanse

Weight loss pills, miracle diets, coffee enemas, five day detoxification programs, hot yoga – everyone is raving about these shortcuts that will lead to a healthier, more vibrant you. The promise of losing off those extra pounds, of getting cleaned inside and out, and everything in between will get almost anyone hooked (especially those who have enjoyed a high cholesterol diet and has taken in more alcohol faster than they could urinate it out). One cleansing trick that is getting popular nowadays is the “colon hydrotherapy” which is just a fancier term for an enema.

a therapy of colon of water


If you are not familiar with what an enema is, just imagine having the need to clean the intestines of all the particles inside it, all because you need a pretty decent look of what’s happening there. And to be able to have a pretty decent look of what is happening inside means that a sort of camera needs to be forced to get to the intestines through the anal canal. This camera will come in the form of a tube and will need lots of lubricant and should be lengthy enough to reach its destination. And why would you need a camera inside your intestines in the first place? You must be getting your diagnostics done to be checked for any kind of colonic illness. The only way to get rid of all the particles in there would be through an enema. A tube will be placed inside the anal canal. This tube will be containing a special solution that will be forced into the colon and later on as it is passed out, anything inside the colon will be washed away too. An enema is a procedure that is a part of a greater diagnostic tool, done in a professional healthcare setting and is administered by licensed and fully trained professionals. And just like any procedure done within the walls of a hospital, there are risks and safety precautions. So before you say yes to “colon hydrotherapy” (ask if you will be getting a camera shoved into your anal canal as well) consider these points first.

The colon is full of toxins that might crawl up back into the stomach!

Of course it is full of toxins. It is near the end point of the digestive tract, it has natural bacteria in it, and no amount of cleansing can get rid of it. But the directionality of the digestive system is only one way, and that is to get out through the rectum. Unless you have a non-functioning valve in between the large intestine and the colon, which if you do have this, other symptoms would have appeared beforehand. If the promoter of the colon hydrotherapy tells you this kind of information, tell them that they should go back to the time when the ancient people have just discovered fire. Because that’s as backward as it gets.

The colon needs to go to the gym.

A website about colon hydrotherapy claims that the muscles of the colon need to be exercised to promote movement and the only way to do this is to make it swell by pumping water inside it. However, the smooth muscles of the colon do not need to be exercised to promote movement as it is naturally moving as foodstuff is passed onto it. And muscles that need to be exercised are those voluntary muscles that can be controlled and unfortunately, the colonic muscles are involuntary muscles, they have a mind of their own.

Lose the bacteria.

First of all, you need these bacteria inside your colon. There is a natural flora and fauna inside it that helps it to function normally. Otherwise, getting it cleaned will remove this normal flora and fauna of bacteria allowing the unfriendly ones to move in.

Water is power.

Sure, having water blasted through the colon will disperse the fecal matter and makes it’s’ release easier. However, the power in the water might also make some tears in the colonic wall, allowing the fecal matter to be spread into areas where it should not be. Hence, a systemic bacterial infection. There is a reason why this procedure needs to be performed in a hospital setting, because cramping, abdominal pain, vomiting, rectal perforation, blood poisoning, kidney failure, fatal amoebic infection, and fatal accumulation of gas in the veins, are some of its complications.

Let the colon do its job.

Claims that a colon hydrotherapy will help the colon in getting rid of the fecal matter and the toxins should be discarded right away. The main purpose of your colon is to do just that. It does not need any help, especially if you are not ill in any way. If you would really like to help the colon clean itself, have some fiber rich food, or eat tons of green, leafy vegetables. Your colon will thank you for that!

You do not need to be a physician to know the difference of real therapeutic claims from fake ones made by these kinds of products. All you have to know is that there is no shortcut to having great health. The body is organic and naturally made. No synthetic or outer forces can alter it and make it better from the inside. It is always wise to check with your physician about these procedures and only after that can you ask yourself, to cleanse or not to cleanse.

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