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Happy people tend to be healthier than unhappy people. That’s not bluff. That’s backed up by Science. In this article, we will discover how happiness and negative attitude affects health. What attitudes contribute to health and happiness and what does the opposite.

How happiness creates miracles 

I remember a true story I read about a man who had cardiac problems. Diagnostic tests showed that half of his heart’s muscle tissues were considered dead already. The left side was not pumping enough blood. The doctor told him that because of his condition, he has to take prescription medications for life.

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This same man has been living with his girlfriend for 11 years. They both loved each other very much. Upon hearing the news, they decided to get married. And both were happy and relieved that they had done so. One day, the man decided to stop his medication. His wife panicked. But, when he went back to the doctor, all tests results were normal. They were astonished about it that the wife talked to other doctors to ask how such a thing could happen. She personally saw the abnormal test results of her husband. One of the doctors she asked answered her that maybe her husband had run out of ways to ask her hand in marriage and that the heart simply wants what it wants. It was a beautiful and awe-inspiring story.

How negativity breeds illness

Most sick people are sad, depressed, hopeless and even bitter. That’s understandable, perhaps even natural. But can we say the same of the opposite? Can a negative disposition like being in a state of depression also lead to illness and disease?        

  • On Depression. According to many researches, physical symptoms are common in people who are depressed especially for a long time. Often, they would complain of vague aches and pains in the body like the back, the limb and the stomach.
  • On Cancer. In cancer research, there are studies that say mindset, attitude and personality may have effect on cancer development. That is, certain kinds of people – introverts, neurotics or people with stressful lives– are more prone to cancer than others, although many say otherwise.
  • On Stress. For stress, there’s evidence that chronic psychological stress could weaken the immune system and even delay wound healing time.

As a whole, many medical specialists, experts and practitioners now also believe in the connection of the mind and the body; that what the mind thinks and believes could affect the body. Therefore, despite many contradictory researches, no one would nay to keeping a positive outlook in life. Here are some traits and attitudes that can be considered healthful to a person.

Healthful attitudes

Healthful attitudes and virtues are those that contribute to the overall feeling of well-being of a person.

Honesty – honest people say what they want to say. They don’t have skeletons in their closet. If they’re angry with you, they’re angry with you. They are honest about it. They let out their steam instead of letting it build inside them. After which, they feel better.

Optimism – They say that optimistic people tend to be disappointed. Maybe or maybe not. Optimistic people look and see the bright side of things so they are not easily stressed. Even against a wall, they see an opportunity.

Contentment – Contented people don’t get easily jealous. They are happy of where they are, what they do and what they have.

Appreciation – This word means the ability to be grateful or to appreciate all things around you. Like simple gestures and acts of kindness from other people. Appreciative people tend to be happy and kind people too.

Serenity – Serenity is a powerful healing virtue. The word reminds me of a simple payer that goes: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Love – I don’t know much about love except that it erases all biases, cures all ills and is the greatest of all virtues.

Faith – Faith is something very few have they say, but it is something that once possessed has the ability to move mountains. In fact many people are healed of disease and illness because of faith. We have read those stories not only in the Bible but some have even witnessed faith’s workings in man.





About Pauline Dominque Tarrazona RN, LMT

The author is a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist who loves words and nature. She hopes that with her writings, she can open the minds of the youth to look underneath the grandeur's of today's modern world to the real needy world/earth beneath it.

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