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Healthy and Cost Friendly Summer Activities

healthy summer activities

The sun’s scorching heat, the call of the beach waves and the adrenaline for something fun are all screaming SUMMER. Definitely, this is one season most people look forward to. Everyone is excited to take a break from school and work. Students and professionals alike are carefully planning out exciting things to do. It takes tedious preparation in coming up with that perfect summer checklist. Those perfect getaways and activities should be equally enjoyable and cost – friendly. However, we put little focus on ‘something healthy’ in our summer fun plan. This season, it’s time to take on something different, something healthy yet thrilling. Here are the outdoor and indoor summer activities you and your health will love.

Healthy Summer Activities

Do Some Outdoor Workout. Getting yourself into the gym would require hefty membership fees and sometimes drags you into that boring routine. Forget about the heavy equipment and try out nature’s playground. You can get rid of the treadmill and do your usual cardio by tracking on that hard mud trail. Breathe in the fresh air of nature in your daily exercise.

Go On Nature Hiking. If working out is too strenuous, why not go out for a hike? It doesn’t have to be far. Check out a nature trail close to your community and invite your friends to go trail blazing, camping out and enjoying nature’s scenic masterpieces.

Go fly a kite. You are never too old to try this classic childhood outdoor activity. Stir up your creative side by having your own DIY kite. By not having to get too exhausted, you can still work out those muscles and even enhance your balance and coordination. It’s an activity you and your friends can enjoy.

Go Swim Anytime. You don’t need a beach to take delight on this obligatory summer activity. Local community pools, clubhouses and even nearby creeks can be a perfect place to stretch out those muscles and be refreshed from the season’s hot weather.

Do Some Home Horticulture. Gardening is a great way to spend some home leisure time. Tend and grow some healthy backyard crops that you can prepare for your table. Homegrown organic fruits and vegetables are perfect ingredients for your summer recipes. Grow some flowers too, it’ll brighten up your home.

Do Some Backyard Camps. If you got enough space on your backyard, why not turn it into a mini camp you and your friends can enjoy? Grill on some healthy barbecues, sing along with some songs over a bonfire and go stargazing on a summer clear sky. It doesn’t just promote healthy camaraderie but also it won’t cost you a lot of penny.

Do Home Exercises. Why pay on something you can do yourself? Check out some simple yoga routines and dance videos on the internet and you are sure to go on that perfect healthy body without spending any.

             This summer season, try to cut down on your getaway expenses but not on the benefits and fun you can enjoy. Give your summer checklist a boost and try out these cost friendly and healthy activities.



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