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Heatstroke Incidences Philippines 2014 and Tips to Avoid It

April 02, 2014 – a Chinese tourist (57 years old) lost consciousness while strolling along the shoreline of Boracay. She was pronounced dead on arrival in a nearby clinic where she was immediately rushed.

April 04, 2014 – a military Major collapsed and died while taking an afternoon jog inside an army camp.

April 09, 2014 – an electrician (44 years old) was dead on arrival at a hospital in Valenzuela City, Manila after being rushed for difficulty of breathing while at work an hour past noon.

Listed above are some of the many reported incidences of heatstroke over the past month.

Because of temperatures rising up to 36.4 degrees Celsius, so far the highest recorded in the Philippines 2014, even animals at the Manila Zoo are being cared for and some are given more frequent baths and fed with ice candies to avoid the effects of the merciless heat of the summer sun.

heat stroke philippines incidence Heatstroke Incidences Philippines 2014 and Tips to Avoid It


Heatstroke knows no age, race or occupation. Anyone can fall victim to the fatal effects of extreme heat. However, this doesn’t mean that one cannot get out and do work or leisure activities outside anymore. It’s all about precaution.

First, what is heatstroke and how does it happen?

Know that heatstroke is a medical emergency. It happens quickly, when the brain cannot dispel the extreme heat that accumulates in the body. That is, the brain fails in its temperature regulation function. Heatstroke occurs because of varied reasons, not just the sun. This can also be caused by over activity of the thyroid gland in the medical condition known as Thyrotoxicosis and in extensive burns where the sweat glands are damaged.

Here are useful tips to avoid heatstroke for everyone.

  1. A Liter of Water at hand. Always water is a life-saver. Against the dense heat one cannot help but perspire. And with extreme perspiration is the possibility of dehydration. So before taking that 5 km jog, don’t forget to fill in that jug.
  2. Play until you drop sadly is not a good concept in this case as avoiding prolonged physical activity is actually advised this summer. Try to rest between strenuous activities if possible. This will give your body a chance to adapt and stabilize.
  3. Love the shade. You might  think you’re insulated or something but maybe it’s not a goodtime to dare yourself. If it’s too hot outside, try to control that urge to do some skateboarding with pals. What about reading a book in the meantime?
  4. Accessorize. Even if you hate bringing stuff with you, maybe that colorful umbrella and baseball cap or straw hat aren’t too much of a nuisance. And of course another necessity today, your mobile phone with fully-charged battery and with enough credits to make a call.
  5. Live alert. Know the symptoms of heatstroke and share it with others. It includes red hotbut dry skin, dizziness, headache, confusion, high body temperature,weakness and fatigue and difficulty breathing.
  6. Know more. Yes, know your local emergency numbers (hospitals, police department, fire department etc) It’s 143 for Red Cross.

Take precaution and have fun this summer season!



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