How to commit to a Healthier You

How does one shift from decades of being a carnivore to a full-fledged herbivore – that is, as modern thinkers believe, from all meat eating to a healthier diet for life path, when one has gotten so used to certain tastes that has satiated his hunger for years and years repeatedly? It must be torture to suddenly turn away and commit to something that is not part of your systems routine.

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A philosopher once said that at birth, a newborn is like a clean slate. However, as days pass by, this once empty slate gains experiences from his various senses that ultimately turn him into a person with established beliefs, ideas and preferences. How does it work?

Blame it on the inner workings of the mind. 

The mind – like the heart – is a very interesting yet hardly perfected study. Geniuses of this age and the prior have tried exploring the natural wonders of man’s intellect. Motley of books has been published on it. Countless researches have approached it in various angles and perspectives. Mind deciphering mind.


Who wouldn’t be fascinated with the ugly piece of organ sitting inside the skull commanding the entire body’s functions? On the outside, it looks just like an alien system or if you have done some snorkelling, like corals called brain corals because of their rounded shape and grooved surface. But on the inside, it is a masterpiece nothing has yet surpassed in ingenuity for the mind continually surpasses itself.

However, despite its complexity and diversity, the mind is something we, the bearers can control and discipline. Like the clean slate that it once was, we are capable of relearning and rethinking, erasing past beliefs and injecting new ones. In what way ? The power of repetition.

Psychology and education have proven the method of repetition as a means to transfer information from short-term to long-term memory as well as to establish a belief. In fact, repetition is something we have used to desensitize ourselves from our given names, and in the case of food, to establish a certain kind of diet. If our parents have made us eat meat from the moment we were able to digest it, then it is something we are already used to. If we suddenly shift to purely vegetables, our taste buds just might protest. We might even gag and puke initially. But if we persist, we could definitely succeed.

Persistence comes hand in hand with repetition. Persist despite the unfamiliar, choking and nauseating taste. Persist despite the unusual smell. Persist despite the weird colors. Persist for your health.

Persistence brings us to the idea of commitment. Commitment seems like a problem for many people nowadays. People are afraid to commit to relationships, to jobs for life, even to promises to oneself. But commitment as in relationship with another person brings rewards.

Commit to eating healthy, commit to exercising daily, commit to reacting positively even to stressful situations, commit to love, commit to peace and commit be a better you.

The healthier you lies across a thin and fragile line of commitment that only you can strengthen. As they always say, change is the only constant thing that no one can escape with that thought you can rethink on the things that you think you can’t and being vulnerable to situation that will bring about a new you.

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