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Journey Tips for a Healthier Weight

We can attain anything if we have a good self-confidence. Self-confidence is not something that is easily achievable by someone. There are lot of factors that may hinder us to be self-reliant. Sometimes when we are not given opportunities to change, we are being stuck in one place.journey to healthy weigth 300x200 Journey Tips for a Healthier Weight

            Now, using that same scenario, managing a healthy weight can lead to a phase of reachable to unreachable one. It’s been a trend now to look skinny or have a perfect body; while, being obese or overweight are out. There are many factors why we want that: first, we can wear skinny or slim jeans cut; second, we can buy clothes because the sizes are always available for us; third, we can be pretty confident to ourselves towards other people and the like. I didn’t say that society doesn’t have a place for individuals who are not slender and fit but (let’s face it) I’m just presenting the reality.

            I, too, also struggle to maintain my healthy weight. I even computed my BMI (Body Mass Index) to know my ideal weight in accordance with my height. Actually I envy people who can eat anything they want but they’re not gaining weight at all. Surprising right? Later I knew that there are just people whose metabolic rates are faster compared to others.

            Now, after gaining 58 kilograms, I told to myself – ENOUGH. I need to lose some weight and bring back the weight that I should be having. I know that having that weight is still within my healthy weight using BMI but what matters to me are my unwanted fats which makes me irritable (at some point). I found a hard time in buying for clothes that will fit to me. So I started planning on how my routine should be done. I researched a lot about exercising and dieting in the internet. I even compiled lots of exercise/fitness/yoga videos for me to start with. I also wrote the food that I should and should not eat for the entire day. The result: unsuccessful.

            Now you’re wondering why. Well let me tell you this. No matter how good you plan and organize them, but if you lack determination it’s useless. Based from my experience, getting a strong motivation in each day for you to keep moving on is hard to keep. You must possess a “strong will” that will guide you through.

            After my first “failure” to my journey, I took a pause for a while. Then after a day, I started again. This time, I am more determined to achieve my goal, i.e. to lose weight. The following are my one-on-one step:

I. My diet only include the following: Breakfast: oats, black coffee, banana, and a dose of vitamin C. To ensure that I only eat oats on a recommended serving, I make sure the dietary fiber content is not less than 2.5 to 3.0 grams. Black coffee is better than any other pre-mixed coffee because it contains fewer fats and calories. Bananas can provide you fiber with a lesser amount of carbohydrates. Oats and banana are one of the healthy options to start your day. Vitamin C is very important to ensure that your immune system is well-protected against diseases. Remember, cutting your meals can deprive your immune system if it is not done right. To be safe, choose foods that can keep you full for a longer time. In-between snacks (around 10:30 am and/or 3:00 pm): oat cracker and water. Lunch and Dinner: two spoon (normal size) of rice, a serving of 2-3 medium-sized cut of meat or 1 piece of fish, then bananas. I decided not to drink any carbonated drinks or juice because they can just add up to sugars and calories that I can get. I never established my cheat day for about a month.

II. Diet is best accompanied by proper exercise. You’ve all heard it, even in the commercials. This is practically effective but in the right way. I go to the gym three times a week (2 ½ hours each day); I do circuit training which includes cardio and lifting weights. Don’t be afraid in gaining muscle because once you build them, they can burn your fats even faster.

III. I drink milk every night. Well, I am not very particular if it is a non-fat or not. What’s important to me is that I know that I can get the nutrients that I missed in a healthy way.

IV. No chocolates or candies.

            All those things that I shared to you are my healthy tips once you decided to start your journey. I can’t guarantee that they will work for everyone 100% but what I am sure is that it made me satisfied with my weight today (after three months, I already lost 4 kilograms and still counting). I’m glad that I decided to do this. As of now, although I am not as slender and fit compared to others, I am delighted. I hope that no matter how many times you fail, don’t give up. Remember that you have all the time in the world to continue moving on. Now, if you’re going to ask me when should you do it? My answer is NOW.

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About Akisan Macatulad RN

The writer is twenty-two years of age who passed the NLE on July 2011. She graduated as an Academic Distinction Awardee and being the Florence Nightingale Awardee. Currently pursuing to finish her degree in Masters of Arts in Nursing major in Nursing Service Administration (Thesis Program). As of now, she is a Professional Nurse and a Certified Intravenous Therapist. She believes that there is always something in everything that we do. A career-driven, goal-oriented, and a God-centered person.

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