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Sleeping Early is Healthy

Keeping up to 8 hours of sleep is a thing that most Filipinos are yet to work out with. But not everyone who fails to sleep has trouble doing it, most of us are just prioritizing some important activities. However, being a night owl is not a very good habit to practice. It poses consequences similar to an unhealthy diet. Thus, quality sleep is a must.

Here are 9 advantages you can get from reducing your nocturnal habit:

  1. You could get along better with everyone 

You are less to be in an argument if you have a well slept night. Exhausted people tend to be irritable, short-tempered and stressed which just means that things that aren’t a big deal can make you burst into flames. On the contrary, having a good night sleep will let you able to adjust your tolerance to things. You will feel positive, relaxed and patient, which will give you easier time to cope with life’s jolts and bumps.

  1. Worrying would be less of your concern

According to a study last year, sleep-deprived people are more likely to be deluged with negative thoughts as compared to well-rested people. Due to the fact that pessimistic thoughts may seep in your mind as a result of sleep disruption, psychologists recommend that good sleep habits can help.

  1. You would be safer when commuting

  Sleep deprivation can heighten your risk of a car accident. As of last year, study shows that roughly 60 percent of adult drivers were driving while feeling sleepy and more than one third said that they have actually slept while driving. People who just slept for 5 hours or less may heighten their risk of a car accident by 5 times.

  1. Sleeping early can make you look better

Most of your friends are just too polite to tell you that you look haggard or exhausted when you lack sleep, as stated by a recent Swedish study. For everyone who doesn’t know, during sleep old cells were being replaced by our body with new and rejuvenated ones. When you sleep early, you can avoid having darker and puffy eyelids, red eyes and paler skin. A beauty rest indeed!

  1. Chronic diseases can be avoided

In order to avoid the development of scary unwanted diseases, sleeping early along with right diet and exercise is the answer. Sleeping enables your body for daily repairs on your organs and tissues such as the brain and the heart. Staying late up at night may disrupt your body’s maintenance and result to major problems and diseases.

  1. Its easy to maintain the right weight when you sleep well

According to studies, being overweight and obese is most likely a result of sleep deprivation. Also studies show that your body is most likely prefers to eat salty, fatty or sugary food after 8 p.m. and those who stay up until 4 a.m. are eating an estimated amount of about 550 more calories than those who sleep early.

  1. You could be more productive at work

Sleep deprivation may result to blocking or messing with your brain’s ability to remember and concentrate. You will need a real deep sleep REM sleep in order to enhance your creative and logical skills. As of a study recently, it has been known that participants that just woken from a REM sleep was able to perform 30 percent better on puzzle solving than those who woke up from non REM sleep. Sleep is needed for helping our brain on logical thinking and problem-solving, based on a research. And having an 8-hour sleep can make you more focused and can enhance your mental ability.

  1. Hitting the snooze button won’t be that necessary

When you practice an early sleeping habit, you will be able (most likely) to diminish your need of an alarm, you will feel refreshed every morning and you will be able to wake up on your designated time.

Sleeping is an essential thing and depriving it can increase your risk of having some serious illnesses. Just as how conscious we are on planning our diet, a well measured sleep both in quantity and quality is a key component for living well.



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