Summer Health Tips 2014

Awesome azure skies. Crystal waters waiting to be splashed on. Creamy white sand bars. Quenching mango or orange drinks. Strolling barefoot in the shoreline. Long-planned vacation trips. Exotic foods fresh from the fishnets. Summer tan lines. Rainbow-colored bikinis. Endless night parties. Unparalleled freshness of the summer breeze.

The summer almost always conjures happy thoughts for everyone. For students, summer is a well-deserved break from relentless school works. For the young working class, it means getting together with old friends and sharing stories. For families, it means spending time and bonding together.summer health tips 2014 Summer Health Tips 2014

Yes, summer should be fun. But it shouldn’t be the kind of fun –reckless fun –

that would leave one scathed or want to forget summer altogether. Even while enjoying, one can still be responsible.

Don’t be clueless.

Stay informed. Read or watch the news and know the common illnesses or diseases common during summer (especially in the area you plan to splurge in). According to the Department of Health these are some of the common diseases prevalent during the hottest time of the year: skin diseases, sore eyes, sunburn, flu, stomach ailments and rabies.

Shrimp and lobster, anyone?

While sea foods are fresh and abundant during the summer season, it shouldn’t put one on complete ease as to dig in at whatever food place one can find. Sea foods are one of the most contaminated food selections there are. Aside from being common causes of allergies in people, sea foods not properly cooked and handled can also lead to stomach ailments or worse food poisoning. So, simple summer health tip on this one, be careful where and what you eat.

Be armored.

Perhaps except in special cases, gone are the days when iron shields are needed for protection. Today, the modern man’s enemy are mostly diseases. For summer specifically, it could be too much sun exposure. So it’s never a bad idea to boost your immune system with a daily dose of supplements for the whole body and for skin particularly, a broad-spectrum sun block. The latter should not be forgotten to prevent the harmful results of ultraviolet rays. Sun blocks can start from SPF 5 up, getting costlier as the SPF goes higher, but perhaps with good result. And yes I almost forgot, maybe a modern day shield is a good umbrella.

Band aid and Iodine

Yes, you read it right. If you’re up and about, entering every rabbit hole this summer, it won’t add much to your luggage to bring a bunch of band aids or gauze and Iodine for the unexpected. It could be you or a random stranger needing a piece.

Be careful of stray dogs.

While most dogs are really cute creatures, you should be careful in approaching them. Summer means more time outside the house, the office or the school and thus a higher risk of exposure to rabid animals. This is proven by the high incidence of animal bites in the Philippines during summer. What can you do? Know rabies, how it transmitted, how to prevent it and what you should do if bitten or scratched. As mentioned above, be informed.

Simply Enjoy.

This may come as a surprise after all that’s been said earlier. All the posts above being about alertness and vigilance. But as mentioned also in the beginning of this article, have fun in a non-reckless way. Know that, happy people are less prone to illness.

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