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Best Know Ear Ache Home Remedies

If you have ever had an ear infection, you already know that it can be one of the most uncomfortable experiences known to man. Some ear infections are caused by irritants that aggravate the sinuses that then turn into viruses that travel into the middle ear. The traditional medical treatment for an ear infection is usually an antibiotic. Zithromax and sulfa drugs like Bactrim DS tend to be the ones that are the most prescribed for the condition, however many in the traditional medical community have come to the conclusion that antibiotics are being prescribed way too much, and it is the overprescribing of antibiotics that is the cause of many of the bacterial infections that are resistant to traditional medical treatments.

ear infection home remedies Best Know Ear Ache Home Remedies


In light of the fact that babies and young children tend to be plaqued by recurring ear infections, doctors are skeptical about having to prescribe antibiotics on a regular basis, and often recommend more invasive treatments like placing drainage tubes in the ears to allow any fluids that has collected behind the eardrum to drain. Most parents tend to want to avoid subjecting their child to such treatments, and seek ear infection home remedies. There are a host of good ear ache home remedies that have proven to be just as effective as traditional antibiotic treatments.

Try a Little Heat

If you begin to notice signs of ear infection in baby try a warm water bottle to alleviate the pain and help to ward off an infestation of micro-organisms. Simply place a warm bottle of water or a heating pad next to the ear that is giving trouble. A warm compress is also a good option. Use the heat no longer than 15 minutes at a time. Start with five minute periods, and work your way up to the 15 minute time frame. Repeat the process as many times that you need to.

Take Out the Culprit

Wax tends to be the source of many ear infections, due to the fact that fungus and bacteria tends to grow in the wax, and then it blocks the ear canal. Use olive oil as a earache home remedy to clean out the obstructed ear canal. Place a few drops of lukewarm olive oil into the ear canal of the infected ear. The oil softens the wax, and then it can be removed with a cotton tipped swab. Make sure that you do not place the swab too far into the canal of the infected ear.

Nature’s Antibiotic

Garlic is known the world over as nature’s antibiotic, and can be used to treat a baby ear infection among a host of other infections like yeast infections for example. There are several ways in which garlic can be used in regards to ear ache home remedies. You can make garlic oil by placing two cloves of garlic and two tablespoons of sesame or mustard oil in a pan and allowing it to heat until it turns a blackish color. You will then want to strain the substance and allow it to cool. Once it cools place two to four drop of the oil into the affected ear.

You can also eat two to three cloves of raw garlic every day to help the infection clear in addition to boiling three fresh cloves of garlic in water for five minutes, and then crushing them and adding a little salt. Once you have done this, you can dip a clean cloth into the mixture and apply it to the affected ear.

Hit the Spice Cupboard

Holy basis is a terrific remedy for the treatment of a baby ear infection, as it not only diminishes the infection, but it helps to relieve pain as well. Extract the juice of four to five holy basil leaves by crushing them, and apply the juice around the circumference of the infected ear. Make sure that you don’t get any of the juice into the canal of the ear. You can also use a carrier oil , like coconut oil for example, to mix with the basil oil. You can then take a cotton ball that has been soaked in the mixture to clean out the inside of the affected ear. You can also wipe the oil around the outer edges of the ear. This process should be repeated two times per day.

The next time that you or a family member start to feel the onset of an ear infection coming on, stop it in its tracks before it has the chance to fester and do any real harm, as ear infections can lead to permanent damage of the ear canals, and in more severe cases a loss of hearing. Any one of the ear infection home remedies listed above should clear up a common ear infection and place you on the road to recovery.

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