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Discomforts of Pregnancy and Remedies

Pregnancy is a life-changing phenomenon for women. However, no matter how much joy it brings, they would always complain of discomforts in the duration of the pregnancy. These pregnancy aches are also referred as “discomforts of pregnancy”.  This symptoms felt by moms-to-be usually starts as early as first trimester since maternal hormones run among as early as this time. Oftentimes, they are frightful whether to take a drug knowing that it could somehow alter the fetal development. Luckily, there are loads of safe and natural remedies at home to manage your discomforts.

pregnancy discomfort remedies Discomforts of Pregnancy and Remedies

Morning Sickness

Probably, one of the most common discomforts reported by pregnant women, morning sickness does not only occur during mornings. Some women experience episodes of vomiting throughout the day. If you suffer from morning sickness during mornings, dry crackers before arising is the most recommended. On the other hand, those who suffer morning sickness throughout the day, small frequent feedings consisting of a bland diet and avoiding spicy or fatty foods would help. Another remedy to try is the ginger ale. Research has proven that a certain component of ginger, gingerol has anti-inflammatory properties that can neutralize the stomach acids. Brew a ginger in hot boiling water and serve as tea.


Problems with defecation are usually caused by the hormones progesterone and relaxin which supports pregnancy. Constipation can be easily treated by increasing fiber in your diet from fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals. Increase water intake and exercise regularly.


Due to increased pressure of the gravid uterus, hemorrhoids usually occur especially in the third trimester. Straining of the bowel contributes to the development of which. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to increase fiber in the diet. For relief of hemorrhoids, a warm sitz bath for ten to 15 minutes a few times a day is recommended.

Back pain

Another symptom caused by compression of the sacral area is backache. To relieve backache, assume squatting exercises every morning. Also, avoid standing for long periods. Be careful in lifting objects and don’t forget to observe good body mechanics especially by bending the knees and back straight as much as possible.

Leg cramps

Leg cramps occurs early in pregnancy due to imbalances in calcium in phosphate. To manage, include calcium-rich foods in the diet such dairy products and green leafy vegetables. This discomfort may also occurs late in the pregnancy because pressure on the sacral area. As mentioned, squatting exercises was found to alleviate not only back pain but also leg cramps.


Pyrosis or commonly referred as heartburn is the burning sensation felt at the throat and chest. It occurs due to the reflux of gastric contents from the stomach. Some home remedies to try are eating a bland diet, avoiding spicy, fatty, irritating foods and eating small frequent meals. Also, it is important to avoid lying down immediately after meal. An upright position will facilitate the passage of contents into the stomach via gravity and prevent reflux. Also, antacids are safe to use during pregnancy.


According to studies, flatulence during pregnancy is caused by the hormone estrogen. It is simply managed by avoiding gas forming foods in the diet such as apples, beans, cabbage, eggplants and root crops.


Countless pregnant women complain of varicose veins. These are swollen and enlarged veins which appears knotted and bluish. It may develop in the legs or in the vagina which is termed as ‘vulvar varicosities’. The hormone progesterone causes the walls of the blood vessels to relax leading to varicosities. Pregnant women are advised to elevate the legs and use a panty-hose stocking to improve circulation in the lower extremities. Moreover, light exercises are also promoted such as walking and swimming. Strenuous exercises are avoided because it provides too much pressure in the leg veins.


Another discomfort of pregnancy is insomnia or the difficulty in falling asleep. Insomnia can be due to a lot of factors; anxiety, discomfort, restlessness and overstimulation. To facilitate a good night sleep, here are some remedies to try: make sure that your bed room is well-ventilated and comfortable. Avoid stimulants such as coffee and make sure the food intake has been digested before going to sleep. Drink a warm glass of milk before bed time.

Surely, you are exhilarated to try these awesome remedies. Don’t forget to enjoy your pregnancy and stay healthy.

What are some of your favorite pregnancy discomfort remedy? Suggest and share them with us!

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