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Smart Ways to Manage Sunburn at Home

Summer days give us more opportunity to hit the outdoors, plunge into the beach and get our skin exposed to the sun even more. Don’t get it wrong, sun exposure is not that all bad. It is only therapeutic when done in appropriate and measured timeframes. Excessive exposure provides no benefits and can lead to sunburn, which is the inflammatory response of your body from the overexposure of your skin to ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from the sun.


Often times, no matter how we protect our skin from the extreme solar heat, we still end up getting charred. Watch out for the following signs indicative of sunburn:

  • Skin erythema or extreme redness
  • Warm skin or hot to touch
  • Pain when skin gets into frictional contact
  • Skin flaking or scaling
  • Skin wrinkling or dryness

When our cover ups and high SPF sunblocks don’t work any longer, home remedies for sunburn can give relief. Here are some practical, cost effective and easy ways to ease the pain off at the comfort of your home.

Honey, Vinegar and Green Tea

                Honey is known to have therapeutic properties especially as a topical syrup for skin burns. In fact, studies do suggest that honey is even better than some antibiotic creams in hasting up healing, minimizing infection and pain. Contrary to common belief, the acidic nature of vinegar actually is believed to minimize inflammation, itching and pain on the affected regions of the skin. Soaking your sunburned skin on bath water with one cup of vinegar added into it can work like a natural aspirin.

Green tea contains catechin and tannic acid which are prime components to soothe sunburn pain. Just soak two tea bags in cool water or directly apply refrigerated teabags as cold compress on the affected areas.

Get those Fruits and Vegetables

                Some of our favorite fruits and vegetables are more than just our healthy diet must list. They also come in handy for our painful sunburns.

Aloe Vera – has powerful glyconutrients responsible for rapid healing. This component makes aloe vera the best sunburn remedy. Use the thick gel-like juice from a dissected aloe vera leaf as an ointment for five times a day until marked improvements.

Cucumber – whether directly sliced or mashed up, applying it over your skin gives a cooling and soothing effect.

Lettuce – chilled lettuce concoction has effective cooling effect. Just dip a clean organic cotton ball into the concoction and slowly apply the lettuce juice into the affected area.

Potatoes ­– more than just your delicious french-fries, potatoes have starch – based compounds that aids soothe sun burn. There are two ways of using potato as sunburn rescue. First, chop uncooked potato into thin slices then pat or rub gently down a piece on your burn spots. Second, grate a cold raw potato and apply it like a paste.

Strawberry – similar with green tea, strawberries contain tannin which heals in soothing sunburn stings. Mash the strawberries and make it like a topical balm then apply it on top of your burns, let it stay for a few minutes and rinse it off with fresh tepid water and you’re done!

Water is Still Better

                Drinking plenty of water or hydrating yourself is still the best therapy. But more than just drinking it, soaking the affected part into a tub of cold water lessens the sting and soreness. Remember not to wash with harsh soaps and refrain from applying petroleum jelly as it may only exacerbate the condition.

So next time you get those hot, painful and itchy sun burns, don’t go too far, savage on your kitchen drawer and make those burns gone!!



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