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Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

Dental problems have been a concern for decades ironically most of them can be easily prevented. Daily routine of brushing, flossing and eating properly plus dental check up can be very essential in addressing these simple yet unresolved dental problems. Educating oneself about common dental problems and its causes can be a source of basis for preventive measures.

Common dental problems like bad breath, tooth decay, periodontal disease, mouth sores, tooth erosion, tooth sensitivity and unattractive smile. Unattractive smile? Yes, technically it is not a dental problem but then its effect to the person’s wellness is greatly massive. It is considered a dental problem by people who are unhappy with their smile and can lower their self-confidence. In this era we are fortunate because technologies advancement and development can a beautiful smile. Whether it’s teeth whitening, dental implants or cosmetic dental work chances are that your dentist can give your smile of your dreams but in a higher cost which is unattainable for commoners. But never be hopeless because alternative remedies are available at hand to address those unattractive smiles which include whitening your teeth.

Here are simple home remedies for teeth whitening:

1. Gather these materials: your favorite tooth paste, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and half teaspoon of water. Then mix them together properly and apply it in a normal brushing method. You can start the routine once a week until you reach in your desired. If you are happy and contented with result then you can just do it once a month as a teeth whitening remedyteeth whitening couple Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

2. Better buy bunches of banana. After eating the fruit don’t throw its peeling because it has a content that can provide teeth whitening. It has naturally comprised of potassium, manganese and magnesium that if you rubbed the inner part of banana peel for two minutes every other day it can help to whiten your teeth.

3. Strawberry can be a good home remedy for teeth whitening. Naturally its acids work to polish and whiten your teeth. Just extract the juice in it and mix it with a small amount of baking soda mix and apply in your teeth once a month.

4. The peroxide ingredient in most teeth whitening products is what actually bleaches the enamel and makes your teeth white. You can make use the small bottle of hydrogen peroxide at home by putting a small amount in your favorite toothpaste by using a cotton swab and gently rubbing it on your teeth for a minute or two once in two weeks until your reach in your desired result then can tapper to once a month.

5. And lastly, olive oil can be a daily routine. You can use it by applying using a cotton swab to your teeth two to three minutes before your regular teeth brushing routine.

Teeth whitening have become so popular that it seems like everyone is doing it. If you want to obtain a bright and white smile, teeth whitening may be just what you are looking for. Not only is teeth whitening effective, it can also drastically change your smile and improve your self-esteem at the same time.

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