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Garlic Treatment

The natural scent of garlic made it popular around the world as part of delicious and popular cuisines, what you do not know is that this scent made garlic treatment a popular subject of studies today.

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            Old folks, especially among eastern countries, use garlic as a home remedy to lower blood pressure level. They fry, boil, and sometimes take it fresh everytime they feel symptoms of elevated blood pressure. There are even some hypertensives who routinely chew garlic as their “natural maintenance” for hypertension. This practice shows significant effects but is not fully supported by the experts.

            Garlic treatment of today focuses on the antibiotic, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties of this spice. Two of the most common treatments of garlic are on pimple and vaginal yeast infection remedies. Let us try to present how to prepare each and how it works.

            With the case of yeast vaginal infection, the woman should know the degree of her infection for it will be the basis of the duration and dosage of garlic application. Garlic use during the early phase of vaginal infection means shorter and more effective treatment course. It can be overnight or two consecutive nights. Itching and redness of the vagina are the determinants of whether to continue or discontinue the garlic treatment. With this treatment, all you need is a clove of garlic to be inserted in the vagina at bed time. Peel the clove, avoid scratching or exposing the inner layer of the garlic because the bigger the exposed inner part means higher dosage. This is more appropriate for later stages of vaginal infection. If the itching doesn’t disappear on the first treatment, take another dose the following night or until the itching disappears. That’s it for the vaginal yeast infection.

For the pimple treatment using garlic, you need to prepare a clove of garlic, mashing utensil (knife), a comfrey leaf, and honey.

  1. Peel the garlic,
  2. Mash the garlic until the pulp exposes,
  3. Slightly warm the honey,
  4. Pound the comfrey leaf,
  5. Make a paste by mixing the pounded comfrey leaf, warmed honey, and mashed garlic,
  6. Use a clean cloth to wipe the mixture evenly on your face,
  7. Let it stay overnight,
  8. Wash face with lukewarm water the next morning.

Garlic treatment has produced significant results on various infections, but, its strong content poses caution to users for it readily causes burns when used in excessive amount. When used topically, users should pay attention on its therapeutic and adverse effects before use to avoid the occurrence of more severe problems.

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