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Headache and Migraines Natural Remedies

Aside from the common cough and colds, industrial practicing physicians or occupational physicians reports that Migraines and Headaches are the common complaint of employees causing a productive loss to the employers. Pharmacological treatments are rampant, but people nowadays prefer the non-traditional treatment. They prefer the complementary and alternative treatment.headache  employees

Stress-reduction is usually the goal of this non-traditional treatment. Clinical trials and researches are being made nowadays. So if you are a person who usually suffers from headache and migraines, here are some tips we can give you:

Stress Management

A growing trend in the non-traditional realm of medicine is stress management. Anxiety causing events are listed. And therapist or a counsellor often advises the client to avoid this list to avoid having migraines. Anti-depressant can also be prescribed if necessary. Studies have shown that combination of the stress management mixed with anti-depressant medication shows best promise. Mix this with proper diet, sleep and rest.


Insertion of fine solid needles on certain body points is acupuncture. With the proper insertion to this meridian body points, it ignites the body’s ability to resist stress – resulting to decrease incidence of headache. Acupuncture is highly commendable in correcting energy imbalances. Chinese tradition shows that chi, energy name on Chinese literature, is disrupted by stress and other factors. So with acupuncture, it restores ones’ physical, mental, and emotional health. Acupuncture also stimulates brain to release chemical mediators and neurotransmitters to back up the body’s’ defences on stress. This is recognized by the World Health Organization.


One of the common great and splendid ways to relax and reduce stress is thru massage. Massage relaxes the tension of different muscle groups of the body; thereby increasing blood flow to these areas. With this release of tension, it relieves the headache and migraine a person is suffering.

Herbs and Essential Oils

Only Feverfew, a popular herb remedy, has been tested and showed mild promise in the non-traditional treatment for headache and migraines. Studies have shown that it only contains mild side effects. With the use of extracts, and good-smelling oils Aromatherapy has been a prevalent approach. Aromatherapy causes alteration on the pain perception and promotes relaxation for the part of the individual. These oils can also be applied on the skin. Peppermint, ginger and lavender are the usual extracts being used.


Biofeedback is a type of treatment in which a patient will be educated on graphs, numbers and the like. Vital components of a person such as blood pressure, electrical activity of the heart and brain, muscle tension are measured. Electrodes, sensors and assortments are attached to a person and are displayed on a screen. Stress response can induce constriction of blood vessels, while dilation occurs on relaxation. So with proper training and education, a person can influence blood flow as seen in the panel screen resulting to a better management for headaches. Most studies conclude that frequency and duration decrease on control groups.

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