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Breathe Free – Natural ways to Strengthen the Lungs

Breathing is an act we most often neglect, despite the fact that without air or its being compatible to humans, in just minutes, we would cease to exist.

Our organs (like the lungs) are fashioned in such a way that we no longer have to think about them while they’re doing whatBreathe Free women Breathe Free   Natural ways to Strengthen the Lungs they do best (physiologic functions like breathing being natural), until, let’s say, something not so friendly creeps out from somewhere to draw breathing’s importance back to the surface of our consciousness.

Not a day goes by that a foreign molecule or substance does not enter the lungs through our nasal passages. These days, the world harbours chemicals that threaten the health of humans more than they benefit us. Some of these chemicals are naturally occurring while many others are synthetic. These unfriendly neighbors are just lurking in our environment, the comforts of our homes. We are not just talking about tobacco smoke or bacteria or viruses. Yes they are given but a lot more may also harm us: fragrances for instance found in almost everything hidden in our beauty closets, bathrooms as well as our kitchens. Hundreds to thousands (fives of thousands) of chemicals consist that irresistible (sexy, innocent, seductive) scents in perfumes, shampoo, lotion, fabric conditioners, hand soap, toothpaste, room sprays, toilet cleaner and even in food. According to researches, many of them are not tested in terms of their toxicity level and long-term health effects.

Certain professions have greater risks than most of the population: Chemists, Medical Technologists, Chemical Engineers, Factory Workers, Miners, Painters, Carpenters and public utility Drivers. Unknown chemicals have become a part of our everyday life. So if we can’t completely isolate ourselves completely from these everyday chemicals, how then can we prevent our lungs from getting ill?

Here are natural ways of strengthening the lungs and ways of preventing lung infections:

1.)  Eating the right food

These foods are said to healthful for the lungs: broccoli, cauliflower, durian, star apple, sapodilla and lanzones. Aside from this, iron-rich foods are also good for the lungs.

2.) Just the right sunshine

Our grandparents telling us to stand with our backs to the sun in the morning may have some truth in it after all. Sun exposure between 6 am to 8 am is actually beneficial to our lungs’ health. Recent researches show that incidence of lung cancer is least in areas around the globe with the most sun exposure. The sun triggers production of Vitamin D that stimulates the release of chemicals that when combined with calcium can put a brake on cell division (uncontrolled cell division being a mechanism of cancer).

3.)  Sweet slumber

Nobody will disagree that the right amount of sleep is beneficial not only to the lungs but to the entire human body. Sleeping 6 to 8 hours a day will give the body enough time to rejuvenate itself.

4.) Drink plenty of fluids (especially warm)

Fluids especially water is unmistakably effective in flushing out toxins from the body. Warm fluids are particularly good for their soothing effects on the oral passages.

5.)   Warm compress

Warm compress over the lung area decongests our lungs and softens sticky phlegm giving us a clearer airway and easy breathing.

6.)   Meditation & Exercise

Exercise is known to have systemic benefits to the body. One of which is relaxation. Relaxation in turn enhances general physical and mental health. According to a research sponsored by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, exercise and meditation may increase mind-body response to stress which may strengthen the body’s immune system making it less prone to acute respiratory infections.

7.)   Massage

Massage is known to have the following effects to the respiratory system:

  • Reduces respiratory rate
  • Strengthens respiratory muscles
  • Decreases asthma attacks
  • Increases fluid discharge from the lungs

We should be thankful for air. We should spend a minute a day appreciating our breathing and the air that is free for all of us. Nevertheless, it’s not bad to be prepared for whatever flies with it nowadays, ready to invade our system. So, let’s do our best to stay healthy and fit, to fight to breathe free.

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About Pauline Dominque Tarrazona RN, LMT

The author is a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist who loves words and nature. She hopes that with her writings, she can open the minds of the youth to look underneath the grandeur's of today's modern world to the real needy world/earth beneath it.
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