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Broken Vessels in Eyes Natural Remedies

The eyes.

There are tiny vessels beneath the thin layer (conjunctiva) that covers the white area of the eyes (sclera). These vessels are sandwiched between them. Because of the vessels’ location in relation to the conjunctiva, “subconjunctival hemorrhage” is the name given to any breakage in these vessels thus located.

broken eye vessel natural remedy Broken Vessels in Eyes Natural Remedies

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Vessels in the sub-conjunctival area are quite tiny and thus fragile, easily prone to breakage with resultant hemorrhaging or leakage of blood in the surrounding area which appears as red patches or spots.

Patches of blood in the eyes are in no way pleasant looking. And it is this reason that people become overly alarmed upon seeing them. However, a single occurrence of broken vessels in the absence of pain, distortion of vision or a known underlying factor should not be cause for panic.

Normally, broken vessels resolve in 2 – 3 weeks without intervention.

But why does it happen in the first place?

It could be the effect of several factors: direct trauma to the eyes, fatigue, infection and elevation in blood pressure that may result from heavy lifting, bending, violent sneezing or coughing.

 On natural remedy

As there is necessarily no specific cure for broken vessels in the eyes, people usually focus on preventing further bleeding and aiding the healing process by strengthening the blood vessels of the eye.

And what best natural remedy for broken eye vessels or any type of wound for that matter than Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid).

­Vitamin C  has long proven its value in the human body. However, unlike plants and many animals, humans cannot produce the essential vitamin. Thus it is taken from an external source in the form of supplements or through more natural sources as those growing in your backyard – citrus fruits (lemon, orange etc.), other fruits as well as green leafy vegetables. Other less known sources are tomatoes, cauliflower and green and red peppers.

The vitamin that had its origins in a sailor ship in the 18th century works by stimulating collagen synthesis. Collagen is a protein which is a primary constituent of many body parts including the skin, bones, cornea and lens of the eye and the blood vessels.

Today, it remains to be the most widely used supplement in the whole world. The US recommended daily allowance (RDA) for ascorbic acid for adults is between 100–120 mg/per day.

Another natural remedy is somewhat expected but often neglected: rest. Yes, give your eyes a rest. By that we mean, staying away from computers, dressmaking, reading and the likes. Yes, there’s that project that needs to be passed on time but without eyes, how can any other project be done? The eyes are entitled to some rest. Straining it even more will not speed up healing.

Lastly, lubricate the eyes by blinking often and drinking lots of fluids. Dry eyes can lead to irritation and further damage such as those caused by you unable to resist rubbing it.

Don’t forget that the red blots or patches will resolve given the right time, situation and conditions. If it doesn’t, seek a doctor’s advice.

Preventing further harm

The eyes are of course one of the most fragile and equally important organ of our body. As Leonardo da Vinci says, “The eye, the window of the soul, is the chief means whereby the understanding can most fully and abundantly appreciate the infinite works of Nature; and the ear is the second.” Thus it is a must that we venture to protect it and prevent harm from coming to it.


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