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Tips for treating tired eyes

Lots of people experience having tired eyes or eye fatigue after hours and days of stressful activities. Having tired eyes is not a serious issue if it does not occur every so often. However, people feel that having tired eyes is a serious affair, most especially when their eyes are red, swollen and sore.tired eyes in reading girl 300x200 Tips for treating tired eyes

Since tired and stressed eyes often makes your face look more worn-down, some people tend to skip work and avoid meeting people until their eyes return to normal. This is okay if you have an understanding boss who can let you skip work easily. However there are days when you have important meetings, dates or celebrations that you just cannot miss. We understand your predicament, so let us share with you the common causes of tired eyes and how to treat them naturally

Causes and symptoms of tired eyes

Stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, long hours of using a computer, excessive crying, dry air, allergies to air pollutants and reading under a dim light are often the most common causes of having tired eyes. Symptoms of having tired eyes can easily be pinpointed since we commonly experience blurred eyesight, watery and heavy eyes, sensitivity to light, and itchy, dry and sore eyes. Some people also experience back, neck and head pains along with their tired eyes.

Natural and Healthy Tips for tired eyes

People who have tired eyes can become highly irritable and anti-social. This is the reason why we would like to share with you some healthy and natural tips on how to overcome tired eyes and prevent having them again.

  1. One of the most famous eye “treatment” is placing cucumber slices on your eyes for at least ten minutes, or until they get warm. You can chill them in the refrigerator for a more refreshing feeling.
  2. You can also place two spoons in the freezer for a few minutes before placing them on your eyes. This is an effective way of reducing eye tiredness.
  3. Aside from cucumbers, you can also place sliced potatoes on your eyes to reduce darkness. The catecholase enzyme in the potato acts as a natural skin whitener. Just as with the cucumbers, you can also refrigerate your potato before slicing them and placing them over your eyes.
  4. Soak cotton balls in rosewater and apply for 10 minutes. This is a rejuvenating and easy way of treating your eyes at any time of the day.
  5. Some people also apply warm chamomile tea bags to soothe dry eyes.
  6. Some people often tend to forget the natural benefits of water in our body. Hydrating our bodies by drinking at least eight glasses a day will ensure good blood circulation throughout your body.
  7. If you have milk handy, you can pour it on ice and soak a clean cloth before placing it over your eyes. You can soak and reapply the cloth as often as you like.
  8. If you have allergic reactions to air pollutants, the best thing that you can do is to stay away from them and consult with your doctor for preventive medications.


The most important thing is to prevent any type of activity that can cause stress to you and your eyes.  Since most people have to engage with laptops and computers due to their work, you must ensure a good body position while working. You can also adjust the screen’s lighting since too much brightness will also increase the chances of having tired eyes easily. If you have been working for a few consecutive hours, take a break and close your eyes for a minute to ensure that your eyes will produce water to refresh itself.

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