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Yoga Could Lower Blood Pressure among Hypertension Study

Yoga is one of the best natural remedy for many illness in the recent times , it is treated both as primary as well as complimentary therapy for illnesses like Hypertension , diabetes, migraines, back pain , spondilitis , stress related illnesses etc.

The term yoga is of Indian origin, used by ancient rishi`s or saints .The yoga is strongly based on certain concepts like ,Dhyana (Meditation) asana ( posture) and organ cleansing procedures .asana yoga

Yoga is a science based on principle that, use of body postures  can directly  work on relaxation of mind. It is always true that mind and body are interlinked each other.

            So far it looks very promising that the yoga might be very useful Therapy for the patients with mild to moderate hypertension who want to avoid using medications , ‘’study researcher doctor Dibby Cohen  MD of University of Pennsylvania  told ,this  could also be used as an adjunct to their life style modification.

            The Study included average of 120 people with an average of 50 , 58of whom completed the study .All the study participants were in to one of three groups ;one was assigned to do yoga 2 or 3 times a week in a studio for 24 weeks , while another group was assigned to do walking Nutrition/weight  counseling program .The third group assigned to   do both yoga and dietary counseling .Researchers analyzed their Blood Pressure at beginning of study, 12 weeks into study and 24 weeks into the study. There was been a tremendous change in the blood pressure after prolonged therapy.

            A study found that, the people who did yoga had decreased in their systolic blood pressure at 12week mark and decrease in both systolic and diastolic pressure at 24 week mark.However, researchers noted the other two groups also noted positive effects on the Blood pressure .Yoga impact on the gene expression of immune cells , which suggest Past research has also shown that practice can affect health on genetic level.

Practicals of Controlling Hypertention

Following are the postures (ASANAS) used for controlling high blood pressure.


1. Sukhasana: simply a meditational seating with spine straight and head forward , it is advisable to close the eyes as shown in the figure for some time, It can be practiced at least 10 minutes which calm down the inner pressure and stress.

Sukhasana yoga

2. Sarvangaasana: it is also known as shoulder stand, IN INDIAN NATURAL MEDICINE IT IS CONSIDERED TO BE THE BEST AND KING OF ALL POSTURES , because it makes every organ to involve and relax , one of the best for stabilizing blood pressure. It is done by lying down in supine position and lift both the legs by joining together against gravity of ground but don’t lift head and slowly move up to 90 degree and finally put your shoulder rest on ground,so that entire body should rest on the shoulders and stay there for at least 5 minutes and then come back to normal state and relax .Picture illustrates the position as follows.


3. Bhujangaasana: it is  resting your body on your palms while you are in reverse supine and stay by lifting your head maximum up and then come back to normal pose as shown in the figure


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