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Poop Transplant heals Intestinal Infections

Poo transplant heals intestinal infection

Jutted In Modern medicine is in constant search of innovative ways of healing. As all true art, it is open to ideas and new methods for the common good. It ... Read More »

First Aid for Loss of Consciousness

first aid loss of conciusness

What will you do if you see someone lying on the floor unconscious? You’ll probably freeze for a couple of seconds and scan your mind for the appropriate action. Shall ... Read More »

The Healing Wonders of Music


I have always loved music; Man has always loved music. Music moves with man. It is a reflection of his heart, a manifestation of his soul and a birth child ... Read More »

Best Ways to Control Pimples

best way control pimples

Many would say what is important is what’s inside. Would you agree with that? Definitely but then wellness would mean holistic make up of a person. Would it be healthier ... Read More »

Home Remedies for UTI


The she and he factor Urinary tract infections are more common in women than in men. In addition, younger and middle-aged group, the ratio is 30: 1 in. However, as ... Read More »

Food Poisoning Talks


A Look Back It has been five weeks since we left year 2013. For Filipinos, the past years have been one of many victories as well as cataclysmic events. Filipina ... Read More »

Health Tips on Mitigating the Effects of Radiation to the Body


The world screams of radiation. Coming down the stairs, I see gadgets strewn in the living room. After a minute or two, my four brothers and my mother would pick ... Read More »

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