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Control, Care, Cure for Eczema


Overview Skin conditions rank high in the list of causes for doctor’s clinic visitations. In fact, according to a recent study of a defined US population from Mayo Clinic, skin-related ... Read More »

Cabbage may protect Against Radiation


Cabbage contains a compound called 3,3′-diindolylmethane, or DIM which was shown to protect rats from lethal doses of radiation in a study conducted by researches from four universities from China ... Read More »

Health Tips for Back Pain

Back-Pain health tips

Prevalence of Back Pain               The incidence of low back pain is high anywhere in the world. According to the World Health Organization’s Health Statistics and Health Information System’s database, back ... Read More »

First Aid for Allergic Reactions


Allergies are common health issues we face these modern times, its prevalence growing by the years. There are no clear answers to this rise but some experts attribute this to ... Read More »

New Added Health Risks of Smoking


Smoking rings a bell for anyone who hears it because everybody knows somebody who smokes (there are 1.25 billion adult smokers worldwide) despite the endless anti-smoking efforts of governments as ... Read More »

5 Home Remedies for Dehydration


Recent research claims that over 75% of the global population do not drink the right amount of water that they need. As 70% our bodies are made up of water, ... Read More »

Cool Do It Yourself (DIY) Organic Shampoos You Can’t Miss


We can’t stress enough about the pitfalls of using chemical-based store-bought shampoo; they strip the hair of its vital moisture, make it dry, frizzy and prone to different problems. Switching ... Read More »

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