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First Aid Treatment of Bee/Wasp Sting

bee sting

Bee/ wasp sting is a common form of venomous sting especially amongst individuals working in bee farms where bees are cultivated for honey. Bee sting can be life threatening with ... Read More »

Why do some Children Learn Bladder Control so much Faster than Others

bedwitting children

Bed wetting is a very common problem parents have to deal with during the first few years of their kid’s life. It can be obvious that even within the same ... Read More »

Why do Some Women Lose Their Sex Drive

women loss sex drive

Sex drive also known as libido is a physiological response which prompts sexual behavior. The loss of this response can affect both men and women irrespective of age. In sexually ... Read More »

First Aid Kit – What Every Home And Office Should Have

first aid kit box

Studies and scientific research have shown that the first few minutes after an accident are crucial in the survival of the victim and if prompt and adequate first aid treatment ... Read More »

Dysmenorrhea – A pain that reaches global

Filipina in dysmenorrhea pain

Dozens of articles have been written about dysmenorrhea but this article focuses on the “why” of painful menstruation cramps, its prevalence among Filipino women and the local alternative methods of ... Read More »

Alcohol Intoxication First Aid Treatment

drunk girl with friend

Alcohol is a unique drug with a great potential of being abused. It is legal and culturally acceptable in most societies and therefore it is consumed indiscriminately in parties, clubs, ... Read More »

Prostate Enlargement – All you need to Know About BPH

man painful prostate enlargement

The prostate gland is a solid organ which measures about 3.5 by 2.5cm and 18-26g in weight. It is shaped like a chestnut or compressed inverted cone, with its base ... Read More »

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