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A Dizzy Spell Orthostatic Hypotension

female with orthostatic hypotension

A dizzy spell is technically known as orthostatic hypotension or postural hypotension. Majority of the cases an hypotension is highly dangerous than hypertensive episode because of the nature of illness ... Read More »

Diarrhea in Children – First Aid Treatment

children with diarrhea

Till date, diarrheal disease remains one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in children worldwide and its impact is seen greatly in the tropics and less developed nations ... Read More »

Winning Battle against Breast Cancer

Breast-self-exam in miror

The first and most important step to improve survival and prevent early death from breast cancer is EARLY DETECTION. Any lump or cyst in the breast that grows bigger or ... Read More »

Simple Strategies to Lessen Snoring

Snoring man with wife

Nightmares, Snoring and OSA A lot of people believed that when a person often wakes up because of bad dreams and he is out of breath, he is experiencing bangungot. ... Read More »

Tips for treating tired eyes

tired eyes in reading girl

Lots of people experience having tired eyes or eye fatigue after hours and days of stressful activities. Having tired eyes is not a serious issue if it does not occur ... Read More »

An Organ Can Save A Life

Human organ donation

I would like to enlighten few facts on organ donation. We have celebrated the organ donation day worldwide as 6th of august this year. Of course every year we come up with ... Read More »

Sunlight – A Natural Treatment need for All Age Groups

sunligth benefits

We have seen people taking sun bath at beach side, babies warming up in the morning sun light and occasionally doctors advising go out and have an exposure to sun ... Read More »

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