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Family Planning Method: Fertility Awareness Method

fertility-awareness method

Fertility Awareness- Based Methods is a Pope-approved method. Why? Religious sector are okay with natural family planning method and fertility awareness method is on the list. It belongs to the ... Read More »

8 Home Remedies for Flu

flu season in rainy days

As the month of June starts, rain gears are usually brought by many. Some people love rainy days because it will make them indulge in food, spend more time in ... Read More »

Health Tips to Stop Beginning Asthma

asthma funny

Cough and colds in the morning hours are usually from allergy. This usually happens when the trigger factors are inside the room. If the coughing is very prominent, this may ... Read More »

Spirulina, A Sea of Health

spirulina sea plant

Wonder what is a sea of health ! Well SPIRULINA is a plant found in the sea to cherish your health , in fact we heard sea foods are the ... Read More »

Want to make a baby boy or a baby girl? Here’s the Magic Wand that can help

magic wand picture

What is the gender of your baby, a boy or a girl? When we know someone is pregnant we always ask for the gender. Most often than not the answer ... Read More »

Eradicate the Silent Killer

hypertension word tags

Many people do not treat their “high blood” because they don’t feel anything and that this level is normal for them. I strongly disagree! This wrong concept of hypertension later ... Read More »

Can You Control Your Heart!!!

control you heart

The title looks emotional! , but I am talking about cardiac functions, stability and health of a heart in day to day life. Over 16.7 million annual world deaths occur ... Read More »

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