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Health Considerations for Filipinos Before Partying the Holidays

filipino health consideration holidays

The Philippines has been known to have the longest and most extravagant Christmas celebration in the world. Usually, Filipinos start preparing at the first week of September and lasts up ... Read More »

Agranulocytosis – What Happens When The Defense Goes Down


When the bone marrow is not able to provide adequate amount of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that responds primarily when there is infection. This condition is called ... Read More »

Bad marriages can cause Bad Hearts

bad-marriages-heart-diseases cause

Have you ever witnessed a married couple fighting? Have you ever noticed that beyond curse words, they say silly things that do not make any sense? If you haven’t, rest ... Read More »

Colon hydrotherapy – To cleanse or not to cleanse

a therapy of colon of water

Weight loss pills, miracle diets, coffee enemas, five day detoxification programs, hot yoga – everyone is raving about these shortcuts that will lead to a healthier, more vibrant you. The ... Read More »

Effects of Cold Weather in Filipinos Health


Last week, the lowest temperature this month has been recorded in Baguio City.  At 12 degrees Celsius, Baguio natives believed that such occurrence would surely attract more tourists now that ... Read More »

Use of Sunscreen may be Linked to Fertility Problems in Men


You may want to put off sunbathing for awhile, even though this festive season of Christmas and New Year is mostly experienced in a cold climate, as there seems to ... Read More »

Coffee Facts: A Rundown on 20 Things you ought to Know about your Cup of Joe


    There must be a reason why almost everyone’s day starts with it, why it is the beverage of choice during meetings, serious talks, when rushing deadlines or studying ... Read More »

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