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The Rice to the Filipinos: On knowing and choosing your rice well


Rice has been a staple food of the Filipinos for as long as anyone can possibly remember. Being an agricultural country, endowed with vast lands and rich soil for planting crops, the Philippines mass produces rice for local as well as international consumption. It is common knowledge that there are many types of “rice” grown and harvested in the fields. But, we don’t really dig deeper to learn them one by one. We simply dig in them to sa... Read More »

Sweet Defeat of Edematous feet

Cinderella big feet Center Medical Advisory Board. Swollen extremities (edema) during pregnancy. April 2012. Web. Accessed 31 May 2013. <> Whattoexpect: Edema During Pregnancy (Swollen Ankles and Feet). Web. Accessed 2 June 2013. <> Allina Health Patient Education, Beginnings: Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond,... Read More »

The Famous Junk Food

Junk Food or Apple Kid in Hand

...obesity, heart disease, kidney disease, type 2 diabetes and dental caries.   Kick junk foods out School and health officials, even concerned parents, hold health awareness programs and campaign for the banning of junk foods in school canteens. The revised implementing guidelines on the operation and management of school canteens in public elementary and secondary schools in the Philippines state that “only root crops, rice, corn products in... Read More »

Tips for Healthy Eating

Filipino Foods in the phiippines

...s one way to keep our body intact and keep us away from diseases. As a person starts to age or get older, eating healthy foods and a lifestyle check will always be necessary. Image credits: (1) Incoming search terms: jackfruit during pregnancy jackfruit disadvantages poem on food in hindi hindi poem on healthy food for kids healthy food poem in hindi short poems on fruits Best food for rainy season poems on healthy food in hindi eating too much j... Read More »

No Approved Therapeutic Claims

no-approve-therapeutic-claim medication

...lare that a specific food supplement treat their illness. Not knowing that the faith factor contributes in their health progress. Since our country abounds with herbs that have been used as home remedies through the years for relief of different ailments, our government, through the Department of Health, is pursuing researches for many herbal medicines. There are 10 herbal medicines approved by the DOH. Some examples are sambong as diuretic and f... Read More »

The art of weight loss

weight loss in girl jeans

...e this is an exaggeration, it is true that many people—both and women—struggle to shed unwanted pounds, not just for vanity’s sake but for health reasons as well. Because of this, many people turn to fad diets in the hope of shedding weight fast. While these diets work, they often disappoint those that try them because they tend to gain back the weight lost once they return to their normal eating habits. The trick, many experts say, is not a temp... Read More »

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