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Search Results for: doh philippines health tips for rainy season 2013

Health Tips for Back Pain

Back-Pain health tips

...of Back Pain               The incidence of low back pain is high anywhere in the world. According to the World Health Organization’s Health Statistics and Health Information System’s database, back pain together with neck pain is second to Unipolar Depressive Disorders on the top ten list of diseases and injuries that account for the highest number of disability-adjusted life year (DALYs) worldwide. DALY is a measure of the overall burden of dis... Read More »

Alagaw Use and Health Benefits

alagaw-use-and-benefits-in-philippines in the garden

Philippines are known to be blessed with a rich source of herbal wonders found proliferating in its thick forests and vast fields. A lot of researches have been done to study various plants to provide evidence-based supports to these plants’ therapeutic claims. Because of this, people are provided with technology-appropriate alternatives when it comes to managing their uncomplicated health problems. One herbal plant that has been a subject of a... Read More »

Health Check Up – A Topic of Global Ignorance

health check up

...on, preventive medicine and nursing etc but the core of disease prevention is REGULAR/GENERAL/PERIODIC/SPECIFIC HEALTH CHECK UPS. Let me elaborate the concept of health check up. The concept of health check up varies between the individuals, age groups, genders, geographic back ground, economic stability of an individual, family and the nation as a whole because what I need may not be your need, for instance I am compelled to go for regular chole... Read More »

The New Anti-rabies Law in the Philippines


...lic-act-9482-framework-for-cooperation-against rabies  file:///C:/Users/vaio%20pc/Downloads/HUMAN_RABIES_IN_THE_PHILIPPINES.pdf Incoming search terms: www first bleeding from boy in hindi com pure water sefty in hindi tips habi breast tips hindi is calamansi good for dogs anti rabies law philippine jurisprudence on dog bites philippine jurisprudence on food poisoning philhealth for rabies Poem about hindi langue price for anti rabies in the Phili... Read More »

Herbal Plants in the Philippines

herbal plants philippines

...provinces. Most of them are also surprisingly easy to grow. References: http://www.naturalalternativ... Read More »

Health tips to Relieve Stiff Neck


...r pressure have headaches, nape pains and stiff shoulders. The pain can radiate to the arms, at times mistaking for hypertension or even an angina attack. Learn and apply these health tips to relieve stiff neck First of all, observe proper posturing at all times. Don’t slouch. Keep your back straight with chin forward and your shoulders relaxed. If your activity requires specific neck positioning as in driving, using a computer, reading, etc.have... Read More »

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