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...ts to support developing countries to reach their millennium development goal (MDG). The Department of Health or DOH, together with UNFPA, works hand in hand to achieve the Philippines’ MDG plan which is to reduce infant and maternal mortality rate by the year 2015. One of the projects of DOH and UNFPA is to increase the availability of family planning methods for women. Thus, UNFPA introduces Implanon®. Implanon® is not yet available in any drug... Read More »

DOH Executives Lead – Belly for Gud Health Program

Belly for Gud Health Dance as top performers after the program period. The top female lost 9.55 cm while the top male lost 5.45 cm. The DOH plans to bring the program to other government offices as well, naming the program: “Belly Gud for Health: Executive Edition” Read the press release here: Incoming search terms: doh programs 2013 poem about nutrition month health news philippines 2013 h... Read More »

Filipinos on Premature Ejaculation


Talking about sex-related topics is a taboo to the traditional Filipino culture. On one perspective, the Filipino woman is highly esteemed for being reserved and modest. However, that practice of keeping everything related to sexuality hidden behind the curtain may not always be good. In fact, it can lead to many problems not only physical but even more often psychosocial. image One such sensitive topic is on the matters of pr... Read More »

Summer Health Tips 2014


Awesome azure skies. Crystal waters waiting to be splashed on. Creamy white sand bars. Quenching mango or orange drinks. Strolling barefoot in the shoreline. Long-planned vacation trips. Exotic foods fresh from the fishnets. Summer tan lines. Rainbow-colored bikinis. Endless night parties. Unparalleled freshness of the summer breeze. The summer almost always conjures happy thoughts for everyone. For students, summer is a well-deserved break from... Read More »

The Filipino Culture on Health


In the Library Health News page of the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development, one of Dr. Willie Ong’s June 2013 article quotes the Philippine Health Secretary Enrique Ona when he held that better health can be achieved with a change in the Filipino mindset. In the same article, the health secretary emphasized individual responsibility in health. That is, every person should prepare and plan for his or her health in the long run... Read More »

Want to make a baby boy or a baby girl? Here’s the Magic Wand that can help

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...on city. P 67 – 69. Hopkins, F. (2009). How to Make a Baby Boy – Tips to Conceive a Son. Web. Accessed 19 June 2013. <—Tips-to-Conceive-a-Son&id=2432519> McCloud, L. (2006). Want to Make a Baby Girl or Boy? Try These Lovemaking Tricks. Tricks in Producing a Girl or a Boy. Web. Accessed 19 June 2013. < Read More »

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