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Contraceptive Implant for FREE! Get your Implanon NOW!

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...ts to support developing countries to reach their millennium development goal (MDG). The Department of Health or DOH, together with UNFPA, works hand in hand to achieve the Philippines’ MDG plan which is to reduce infant and maternal mortality rate by the year 2015. One of the projects of DOH and UNFPA is to increase the availability of family planning methods for women. Thus, UNFPA introduces Implanon®. Implanon® is not yet available in any drug... Read More »

Antibiotic Resistance in Southeast Asia and the Philippines


“The truth is, like humans, pathogens too adapt to survive. In the process, they evolve in forms that existing drugs can no longer beat them.” Multi-drug resistant pathogens are now found in every region of the world. No thanks to heavy drug (antibiotic) misuse. World Health Organization (WHO) officially pronounced multi-drug resistance as a serious threat to public health in its first global report on antibiotic resistance last April 30. Pathog... Read More »

MERS-CoV Update in the Philippines and Abroad


The World Health Organization (WHO) released an update on Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus (MERS-CoV) on May 15, 2014. In the report, 572 human cases, including 173 deaths from the dreaded disease around the world have so far been reported to the international health organization. While the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) claims Philippines to be MERS-CoV-free to date, at least 3 more Filipinos have died in the Middle East sin... Read More »

DOH Executives Lead – Belly for Gud Health Program

Belly for Gud Health Dance as top performers after the program period. The top female lost 9.55 cm while the top male lost 5.45 cm. The DOH plans to bring the program to other government offices as well, naming the program: “Belly Gud for Health: Executive Edition” Read the press release here: Incoming search terms: doh programs 2013 poem about nutrition month health news philippines 2013 hindi poem... Read More »

Recent Measles Outbreak – A Global Concern


...on (WHO) for the elimination of measles in the Asia Pacific Region where the Philippines is in. Let’s Know More. DOH said that the outbreak cannot be quickly contained because despite the now organized mass vaccination effort that will cover 11.7 million children below five years of age across the country, it will take weeks before the immunized develops immunity. In fact, DOH foresees an increase in cases because measles is considered a highly c... Read More »

Newborn Screening in the Philippines – To Screen or Not to Screen


...pines is expanding and evolving. In an article published in Philippine Council for Research and Development, the DOH approved of expanding the NBS services from testing only 6 to 22 more metabolic disorders. “The screening of more disorders will save more lives and reduce unnecessary negative health outcomes of Filipino newborns” (DOH, 2013). Over the years, the screening developed from “one testing to a disease” into “one testing to multiple of... Read More »

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