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Search Results for: kidney stone herbal medicine in philippines

Natural Treatment for Kidney Stones

anatomy of kidney_stone

...not drink more than three glasses (2/3 pint) of milk a day. Avoid foods that are refined or processed. Avoid eating two items from any of the following list per day: egg, 2 oz cheese, 1 yogurt and 3 oz cooked meat. Avoid foods rich in oxalate such as: strong coffee or tea, chocolate, peanuts, cola drinks and spinach. Avoid refined or sugary foods. Natural treatment for Kidney Stones Sambong (Blumea balsamifera)-it is one of the herbal plants appr... Read More »

Herbal Plants in the Philippines

herbal plants philippines

...rmint is used to relieve body aches and pain. It is also good for nausea, colds and insect bites. Herbal plants in the Philippines are well-known and liberally used in the treatment of various diseases and illnesses by the common folks especially by the elders. They are abundant especially in the provinces. Most of them are also surprisingly easy to grow. References: Read More »

DOH Approved 10 Herbal Medicines in the Philippines – Preparation and Usage


...otential of herbal medicines. Since the national government envisions a public which puts health responsibility in their very own hands, the advocacy of using the DOH approved 10 herbal medicines promotes the use of locally available resources as well as encourages the participation of the public in the management of various health conditions. Here are the DOH approved 10 herbal medicines in the Philippines, their preparation, and usage: Lagundi.... Read More »

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

CAM - Complementary and Alternative Medicine

...t you find an internal medicine doctor who can regularly follow up your problem. Inform him or her the “natural medicines” that you are taking so that they will not conflict with conventional drugs he or she may prescribe or that he or she can maintain the natural medicines if you are responding well to them. Image  credits: (1) Incoming search terms: benefits of trees in hindi language uses of trees in hindi herbal medicine for uti in the philip... Read More »

Common Illnesses in the Philippines


If you would ask commoners or passers-by about the common illnesses in the Philippines, they would most likely give you the following answers: muscle pains, high blood pressure or hypertension, stroke, colon cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and lung cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB), pneumonia, asthma, diabetes, kidney failure, cough, ulcers, hepatitis A and B, liver cirrhosis, influenza or flu and dengue fever. Although these are also com... Read More »

Ebola Virus Latest News in the Philippines


Ebola Virus, one of the deadliest virus known to mankind could possibly reach the Philippines. However, as of now, Philippines is still Ebola Virus-Free, Department of Health says. image In latest news, no Filipino has died of Ebola Virus. Some of the 15 overseas Filipino workers who returned from Sierra Leone, one of the 4 West African countries with Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) have initially showed symptoms but 10 have been t... Read More »

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