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Natural Treatment for Kidney Stones

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...items from any of the following list per day: egg, 2 oz cheese, 1 yogurt and 3 oz cooked meat. Avoid foods rich in oxalate such as: strong coffee or tea, chocolate, peanuts, cola drinks and spinach. Avoid refined or sugary foods. Natural treatment for Kidney Stones Sambong (Blumea balsamifera)-it is one of the herbal plants approved by the Department of Health.  Its uses include anti-edema, diuretic and anti-urolithiasis. You will boil ch... Read More »

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

CAM - Complementary and Alternative Medicine

...hey will not conflict with conventional drugs he or she may prescribe or that he or she can maintain the natural medicines if you are responding well to them. Image  credits: (1) Incoming search terms: benefits of trees in hindi language uses of trees in hindi herbal medicine for uti philippines herbal medicine for uti in the philippines indian blackberry fruit benefits uses of trees in hindi language hindi poems on health uses of t... Read More »

No Approved Therapeutic Claims

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...relief of different ailments, our government, through the Department of Health, is pursuing researches for many herbal medicines. There are 10 herbal medicines approved by the DOH. Some examples are sambong as diuretic and for kidney stones, pancit-pancitan for uric acid and lagundi for cough and asthma. WHAT YOU MUST DO? When you choose herbal medicines or “natural treatments,” find out if they have been approved by the BFAD (Bureau of Food an... Read More »

Herbal Treatment for Parasites

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...prepared or not there are certain side effects and adverse reactions that can occur. One thing you should always inculcate that you should have a basic knowledge in every medicine you intake. Know its functions to your body, its advantages and disadvantages, its side effects that are normally occurring and its adverse reactions that may cause harm that prompts you to stop. Herbal treatment for parasites is studied and has been approved by the Dep... Read More »

Fever Herbal Treatment

Filipina women fever

...sults. With this, beyond their knowledge, it brings counter-unwanted effects with misdosages.             Health institutions practice the usual way of lowering body temperature through sponge bathing in conjunction with or while waiting for the antipyretic to take effect. Using this method, you may also try using herbal remedies for fever at home. This means that you can have an equal effect with no or less adverse and/or side effects, since you... Read More »

Dysmenorrhea – A pain that reaches global

Filipina in dysmenorrhea pain

...OGY Let’s first talk about Prostaglandin. The word may not sound gibberish to many nowadays as this is mentioned in a frequently aired TV advertisement of a certain pain medication. This hormone is present in every cell of the human body performing key roles in inflammation, heart function and blood pressure, allergic response, gastrointestinal function and secretions, pain and swelling, kidney function and fluid balance, nerve transmission, bloo... Read More »

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