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Herbal Plants in the Philippines

herbal plants philippines

...ongrass/ Incoming search terms: calamansi leaves herbal medicine bigboos net calamansi herbal medicine calamansi leaves WWW bigboobs school herbal medicine in the philippines for uti calamansi leaves as herbal medicine herbal for uti philippines poem on medicinal plants in hindi herbal medicine for cough in the philippines... Read More »

Natural Treatment for Kidney Stones

anatomy of kidney_stone

...items from any of the following list per day: egg, 2 oz cheese, 1 yogurt and 3 oz cooked meat. Avoid foods rich in oxalate such as: strong coffee or tea, chocolate, peanuts, cola drinks and spinach. Avoid refined or sugary foods. Natural treatment for Kidney Stones Sambong (Blumea balsamifera)-it is one of the herbal plants approved by the Department of Health.  Its uses include anti-edema, diuretic and anti-urolithiasis. You will boil cho... Read More »

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

CAM - Complementary and Alternative Medicine

...hey will not conflict with conventional drugs he or she may prescribe or that he or she can maintain the natural medicines if you are responding well to them. Image  credits: (1) Incoming search terms: benefits of trees in hindi language uses of trees in hindi herbal medicine for uti in the philippines herbal medicine for uti philippines indian blackberry fruit benefits uses of trees in hindi language hindi poems on health uses of t... Read More »

Common Illnesses in the Philippines


If you would ask commoners or passers-by about the common illnesses in the Philippines, they would most likely give you the following answers: muscle pains, high blood pressure or hypertension, stroke, colon cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and lung cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB), pneumonia, asthma, diabetes, kidney failure, cough, ulcers, hepatitis A and B, liver cirrhosis, influenza or flu and dengue fever. Although these are also com... Read More »

MERS-CoV Update in the Philippines and Abroad


...ganization (WHO) released an update on Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus (MERS-CoV) on May 15, 2014. In the report, 572 human cases, including 173 deaths from the dreaded disease around the world have so far been reported to the international health organization. While the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) claims Philippines to be MERS-CoV-free to date, at least 3 more Filipinos have died in the Middle East since its recent outbre... Read More »

No Approved Therapeutic Claims

no-approve-therapeutic-claim medication

...relief of different ailments, our government, through the Department of Health, is pursuing researches for many herbal medicines. There are 10 herbal medicines approved by the DOH. Some examples are sambong as diuretic and for kidney stones, pancit-pancitan for uric acid and lagundi for cough and asthma. WHAT YOU MUST DO? When you choose herbal medicines or “natural treatments,” find out if they have been approved by the BFAD (Bureau of Food an... Read More »

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