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Herbal Treatment for Parasites

children with big belly

...prepared or not there are certain side effects and adverse reactions that can occur. One thing you should always inculcate that you should have a basic knowledge in every medicine you intake. Know its functions to your body, its advantages and disadvantages, its side effects that are normally occurring and its adverse reactions that may cause harm that prompts you to stop. Herbal treatment for parasites is studied and has been approved by the Dep... Read More »

Antibiotic Resistance in Southeast Asia and the Philippines


...ver, GI upset, blood poisoning and brain infection. With this and many other reports, scientists are now looking into the role played by antibiotics as growth promoters in livestock in the growing drug resistance problem of the world. Countries of the Southeast Asian region are Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, East Timor, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Brunei, Bangsamoro Republik and the Philippines. Antibiotic Resistance in the Phili... Read More »

Sun Life Insurance in the Philippines


Aside from PhilHealth, SSS, GSIS and Pag-Ibig, there are a vast selection of insurance providers in the Philippines. One such which offers a wide selection of Life Insurance Plans, Accidental Insurance, Educational Plans, Pension Plans and Mutual Funds is the Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. Let us get to know this company that pioneered life insurance in the Philippines and its products in a nutshell. Company Overview   Type: Financial Ser... Read More »

Fever Herbal Treatment

Filipina women fever

...sults. With this, beyond their knowledge, it brings counter-unwanted effects with misdosages.             Health institutions practice the usual way of lowering body temperature through sponge bathing in conjunction with or while waiting for the antipyretic to take effect. Using this method, you may also try using herbal remedies for fever at home. This means that you can have an equal effect with no or less adverse and/or side effects, since you... Read More »

Dysmenorrhea – A pain that reaches global

Filipina in dysmenorrhea pain

...5981life1006s_835_841.pdf Incoming search terms: food waste poem mc tips in hindi about prakurthi in hindi menstrual cramps philippines incidence my hotsyt com philippines herbal medicine forpainful menstruation pinoy remedy for dysmenorrhea short hindi poems for 8th standard what is calamansi called in hindi woman boobs fitness information in hindi... Read More »

Natural Treatment for Cough

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...etained, it may also lead to chronic coughing for it will be a good ground for multiplication of microorganisms. Inhalation of toxic substances like smoke and chemical fumes are also among the leading causes of cough. Clogging of ingested objects in the esophagus may also stimulate coughing. There are herbal medicines proven to be effective to control or stop cough or couching. These herbal medicines are the main sources of pharmaceutically proce... Read More »

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