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Natural Treatment for Cough

herbal plant garden

...turned greenish. Let it stand to cool for few minutes. Strain. Flavourings (sugar and/or calamansi) may be added in controlled amount. Drink half cup three times-a-day. *Excess may be refrigerated for future use. Incoming search terms: coughing virus 2013 calamansi for cough toxin in alagaw leaves calamansi leaves herbal medicine Alagaw leaves tea benefits philippines natural cure for cough oregano for cough natural therapy for cough mansanily... Read More »

All About Gonorrhea

all-about-male-and--female-gonorrhea likely to be symptomatic) Pain on urination Creamy yellow or bloody discharge Complications: Chronic infection can affect the prostate, epididymis and periurethral glands Sterility Arthritis Heart and Kidney Disease Female Genital and urinary discharge Pain during intercourse or dyspareunia Pelvic pain or tenderness Vaginal bleeding Fever Proctitis Complications: Infection of the fallopian tube or Salpingitis Ectopic Preg... Read More »

Filipino Cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome – Corona Virus (MERS-CoV)


...-CoV) has killed 92 people worldwide since September of 2012. Aside from the recorded deaths, 150 more have been infected. In the Philippines, an Overseas Filipino Worker who recently arrived from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was initially tested positive of the virus but was confirmed to be negative after a confirmatory test was done here in the Philippines. image credit:                              He and his immediate famil... Read More »

The Rice to the Filipinos: On knowing and choosing your rice well


...could explain the Filipino’s fascination for everything white from people to food. The Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) actually believe that the less processed a rice is, the more nutrients – especially Vitamin B, manganese, selenium and magnesium – found in it. But why do we keep buying the white grain? We’re going in circles. To know more, let us look into some common varieties of rice in the Philippines, how they are similar and... Read More »

Nature’s Way of Healing

Natures way of healing found their way to bring us down, our search for cure is still in advancement. Scientists were able to create medicines that can cure almost all of the diseases. However there are still who doesn’t rely on these medicines but does on the healing power of nature, which is called alternative medicine or remedy. The use of natural remedy dates back during the ancient time as a proof, China is one of the proponents of these practices. In this kind... Read More »

Philippines recalls for Korean ‘cancerous’ noodles

korean noodles cancerous for recall PH

Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered a recall for six brands instant Korean noodles, which have been sold in the local shop in the Philippines. According to Kennet Hartigan-Go acting director of Food and Drug administration indicates that six products covered for a recall, which test to confirm for a potential benzopyrene chemical compound that caused cancer. “The Philippine Government mandate is to protect consumers a... Read More »

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