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Search Results for: natural oil for varicose veins

Essential Oils Guide: Safety and Warnings


...into the spotlights finding the way to medicine chests of many homes and households. The fact that something is natural, popular and has been used already many centuries ago doesn’t come with a guarantee that it is harmless. If you want to use essential oils and enjoy their healing properties you need to know how to use them safely and take in account also warnings. Here are the main rules for successful essential oil usage: Know what you a... Read More »

Varicose Veins – Home Remedies

varicose veins

...o the bicycle: move both legs in a cycling movement. Do this 20 times. Standing Position: Stand on tiptoe. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat 10 times. Walk on your heels. Rock from your toes to your heels Image credits: (1) Incoming search terms: herbal medicine for varicose veins in the philippines avoid wearing tight fittingpants in the hindi kalonji oil varicose veins kalonji varicose veins lactose dite in hindi natural treatment for varicose vei... Read More »

8 Natural Ways to Be Dandruff-free

dandruff funny woman

...e hair. Afterwards, wash the coconut oil out. Make sure all of the oil is rinsed out. If the scalp is still too oily, repeat the rinsing. Do this every week until the dandruff is no longer visible. Tea tree oil. Use tea tree oil as shampoo and use frequently. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and is very aromatic. Commercially-made shampoos which contain 5% tea tree oil have been proven to be effective treatment for dandruff. Rub the oil shamp... Read More »

Effective Scabies Natural Remedies that Work

scabies-natural-remedies-effective admit that they have it since it is associated with dirt and poor hygiene. There exists different medication for it, some of which can be bought over the counter, but you can also treat it using a number of scabies natural remedies. Some of these remedies are discussed below. Tea Tree Oil The oil from tea tree is effective in treating a number of skin conditions including scabies. This oil contains antimicrobials known as tarpernoids that give... Read More »

Healing Wonders of Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa)

nigella-sativa - Black seed plants

...and increase production of breast milk in nursing mothers. No question why it is called a “healing wonder”. Image credits: (1) (2) Incoming search terms: nigella sativa coconut oil for varicose veins coconut oil for boils black cummin seed powder can cure vericose vein? calamansi seed oil What are the wonders of black seed black seed oil philippines pohon jintan hitam nigella sativa philippines how to use black seed oil to lose weight... Read More »

Home Made Coconut Oil For Hair Care

Hair in coconut oil

...erated above. Surely, you’ll have a clean scalp and a healthy glowing hair . Image credits: (1) Incoming search terms: how to make coconut oil at home in Hindi coconut oil for ingrown hair coconut oil varicose veins importance of trees in hindi coconut oil ingrown hair how to make coconut oil in hindi coconut oil for spider veins coconut oil and boils does coconut oil help ingrown hairs Natural Oil for Ingrown Hair... Read More »

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