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Tips for Healthy Eating

Filipino Foods in the phiippines

We Filipinos are known to have good appetites. We have a number of delicacies that we can be proud of and we can always take pride on how other race and foreigners love our food. We have our famous Adobo, Sinigang, Pinakbet, Laing and a lot more. But, this is also the main reason why we are so prone to lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus and Cancer. Though we love eating, we must not forget to eat healthy and we must learn some... Read More »

The Benefits of Home-made Baby Food

baby eating food first time

...perience at meal time- your baby is eating the same food as you.   It is easy to prepare- just use a fork to mash an already steamed potato or any other vegetables and you’re ready to go. Food grinder or blender can also be used to make a puree.   It can be safely stored- home-made food can be stored for up to three months by placing it in an airtight container and freezing.   It leads to a habit of healthy cooking   Ev... Read More »

The Famous Junk Food

Junk Food or Apple Kid in Hand eat meals with their children as frequently as possible. Image credits: (1) Incoming search terms: poem on junk food in hindi poem on avoid junk food revised implementing guidelines on the operation and management of school canteens in public elementary and secondary schools poem on healthy food vs junk food school canteen in the philippines poem on junk food junk food hindi poem on rain for class 8 hindi poems on food hindi poems o... Read More »

What is a Balanced Diet?

balanced diet pyramid of food high which can lead on acquiring hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Fish is healthier than meat to be an alternative because it contains omega 6 which is natural oil that is good for the heart. Milk Groups – The richest source of calcium that will make your bones and teeth healthy and also a good source of magnesium for the brain. It is suggested on the food pyramid to consumed 2 servings because the sugar content is quite high w... Read More »

Weight Gain on Holiday

Holiday Hangover

...number on the weighing scale, and that despair you experience when you measure your waistline. Alas, do not feel too much worried, you are not alone. It is normal for people to gain weight during the holiday season. It is not wrong to indulge ourselves with delicious food that we share with the people we love, and those who mean so much to us. The Holiday Season is a time of peace, of family gatherings, of bonding’s, and of keeping in to... Read More »

The Rice to the Filipinos: On knowing and choosing your rice well


...s produces rice for local as well as international consumption. It is common knowledge that there are many types of “rice” grown and harvested in the fields. But, we don’t really dig deeper to learn them one by one. We simply dig in them to satiate our hunger. But, with the emergence of genetically-engineered rice and the major controversy that surrounds it, more and more Filipinos are asking about their staple food. image credit:riceauthority.c... Read More »

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