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Food Poisoning Talks

food-poisoning   Incoming search terms: www MYHOTSZT NET philippines food poisoning www bigboobs blogspot in WWW Ebolavairas Com eat healthy food poem in hindi hindi poems on food items hindi poem on nutrition food hindi poem on food items hindi poem on nutrition hindi essay on importance of food... Read More »

Tips for Healthy Eating

Filipino Foods in the phiippines

...nd you should also try to avoid or eat in just a small amount. Remember, though we can provide numerous tips on healthy eating if you can’t start doing it for real, all of these will just be so useless. Eating healthy is one way to keep our body intact and keep us away from diseases. As a person starts to age or get older, eating healthy foods and a lifestyle check will always be necessary. Image credits: (1) Incoming search terms: poem on food... Read More »

The Benefits of Home-made Baby Food

baby eating food first time

...erience at meal time- your baby is eating the same food as you.   It is easy to prepare- just use a fork to mash an already steamed potato or any other vegetables and you’re ready to go. Food grinder or blender can also be used to make a puree.   It can be safely stored- home-made food can be stored for up to three months by placing it in an airtight container and freezing.   It leads to a habit of healthy cooking   Eve... Read More »

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Philippines


The FDA is a government agency created for the purpose of ensuring that health products (food, drugs, cosmetics and devices) made available to the public are safe for use and adheres to standards set by the law. They inspect, analyze, experiment, research and approve or disapprove a product as well as the method on how it is produced or even distributed. They can withdraw products that are proven to compromise the health of the public. List of p... Read More »

The Famous Junk Food

Junk Food or Apple Kid in Hand

...shakes and juices prepared from fruits and vegetables in season. Furthermore, parents should be the role models of their children. They should provide a healthy, supportive environment by modeling healthy eating behaviors, providing nutritious foods, preparing, serving and sitting down to eat meals with their children as frequently as possible. Image credits: (1) Incoming search terms: poem on junk food in hindi lines on healthy food hindi poems... Read More »

7 Simple but Healthy Hobbies for You


...lose that hobby. If you are good at building boats, it’s a very useful hobby indeed. If you’re good at creating poems and stories, it’s a gift. If you’re good at designing clothes, it’s a wonderful skill. Keep on with it. Remember that a healthy hobby is a matter of personal inclination and choice. It also depends on the availability of resources as time, space and money which may sound a bit difficult to begin, but, believe that having “your own... Read More »

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