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The Famous Junk Food

Junk Food or Apple Kid in Hand

...ditions including obesity, heart disease, kidney disease, type 2 diabetes and dental caries. Kick junk foods out School and health officials, even concerned parents, hold health awareness programs and campaign for the banning of junk foods in school canteens. The revised implementing guidelines on the operation and management of school canteens in public elementary and secondary schools in the Philippines state that “only root crops, rice, corn p... Read More »

Breast Cancer Guidelines for Early Detection

Breast Cancer Guidelines

...into the body. Woman all over the world have higher chance and be positive of breast cancer. As a matter of fact one of the highest numbers of cancer cases as of today. Even if you don’t have risk factors you can still develop it. The best thing to do is to conduct for screening, early detection by doing BSE breast self examination and avoiding risk factors. Among all the breast cancer guidelines, this is the best thing to be remembered. BSE or b... Read More »

Donating Blood at Red Cross and Why it’s good for you

blood-donation-red-cross times. However, I was unsuccessful. Why? I was uniformed then. I was eager but uninformed. I did not read the guidelines before strutting to one of PNRC’s regional offices near my home. The three reasons in chronological order were: 1. my weight was below the 110 lb mark 2. I was not well-rested so my blood did not pass the test 3. I was about to have my menstruation. So, a tip for you. Don’t be like me. Read the guidelines first. Not only in... Read More »

The Authentic and Practicable Hints of Sharpening One’s Mind

sharpen mind woman

Sharpening one’s mind is a rudimentary concept as the ability to remember things always comes along with it. Notwithstanding, the implications of making the human brain hefty is a unique signatory on how you truly value healthy habits and practices.  Some of the newest innovative reports already exposed that the cognitive function of the brain can be conditioned through various elements. Whether you belonged in the young class or in the elderly... Read More »

Understanding What is Burnout Syndrome

girl in burn out syndrome

Everyday in our lives, we are dealing with different forms of stress. It may strike any time, any where! So, expect the unexpected.  Beware! Our attitude towards our daily problem and the way we handle it plays a significant role in our existence. I will give you a scenario wherein a person is suffering from stress. Take note, I’m not referring to the ordinary kind. Mrs. D is telling that something makes her unhappy despite everything. She is 29... Read More »

China Selling Fresh Air now a Warning to All


...the contamination of the environment by any agent that modifies the atmosphere’s natural characteristics. Based on expert evaluation, the WHO published air quality guidelines (AQG) that would help reduce the health impact of air pollution. Guidelines set by WHO on Particulate Matter   PM2.5   (particulate matter or particles in air with a width of two and half microns or less) 10 µg/m3  annual mean 25 µg/m3 24-hour mean PM10... Read More »

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